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Configuring Phone Amego

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Once your Whozz Calling unit has been configured with a valid IP address for your LAN and a

unique Unit ID, you are ready to add it as a telephone device in Phone Amego. From the Main

Phone Amego window, press "+" under the Telephone Devices table and select "Whozz Calling

EL" as the kind of telephone device you wish to add. A configuration sheet will slide down similar

to the "Select Unit" box in ELConfig allowing you to discover and select the Whozz Calling unit

you wish to add.

Once your Whozz Calling device has been added, Phone Amego will display inbound and

outbound call status for each active phone line attached to this device, and log calls according to

your selections under the More tab. If you wish to see the status of every active phone line,

double click on a Whozz Calling entry in the Telephone Devices table.

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