Keyclick User's Guide

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Selecting the "More Options" tab will present the options shown here.

You can use the top left PopUp menu to choose between:

Click Key Sound - a short beep with adjustable pitch

Typewriter Sound - recorded sound of an old fashioned typewriter

Keyboard Sound - recorded sound of a computer keyboard

iDevice Click Sound - click sound used by iPhone on screen keyboard

When Click Key Sound is selected, you can select "Modifier Key Tones" to alter the click sound

when Caps Lock, Shift, or other modifiers are active.

You can enable Mouse button click for use in recording screen actions or to confirm trackpad

clicks. You can choose between "Mouse Click" or "Simple Click" sounds.

You can specify individual applications that should not keyclick such as games. For example, to

turn off Keyclick in World of WarCraft, you would add "Blizzard" and "World" to the Exclude List.

Alternatively, you can specify individual applications that you would like to have click such as

Microsoft Word.

LaunchBar uses an "Instant Open" feature that works by pressing and holding the last key of an

abbreviation to open that item immediately. Adding LaunchBar to the Exclude List prevents that

key from generating repeated keyclicks while LaunchBar is ignoring such keyboard events.

You can select to not make repeated clicking sounds when the Esc, Arrow keys, or Space are

held down. Clicking on the caption for this checkbox will reveal additional options as shown


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