Keyclick User's Guide


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Keyclick is commercial software subject to the terms of the accompanying License Agreement.

You may use a demo version of the software during a single trial period of up to 21 days. You

must then register and personalize the software if you wish to continue using it beyond the trial


Notice the trial is designed to expire after 21 days. If the software reports it has expired the first

time you launch it, this usually indicates someone ran a previous version of the program on your

computer. Please contact the developer directly for information on how to reset the trial period.

Once you have downloaded the application, you can register Keyclick online.

An XML registration key that unlocks the trial period will be sent to you by Email once your

registration information is received. To use it, just copy the text of this Email message to the

clipboard as if you were going to paste into another application and then press "License" followed

by "Personalize" in the Keyclick preference pane.  [To copy to the clipboard, click in the message

body and press Cmd-A for select all, then Cmd-C for copy.]

During the trial period, the text along the bottom of the Keyclick preference pane will read

"Unlicensed Trial will expire on <date>". If you allow the trial period to expire, you'll be

presented with this dialog.

Pressing the License button will present the options shown here.

Mac App Store Version

If you downloaded Keyclick through the Mac App Store, no further registration is required. In this

case, the standard Mac App Store "End User License Agreement" applies. The window controls

for registering and updating the software have been removed since they are no longer needed.

The Mac App Store version requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later running on Intel.

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