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Keyclick arose from an exchange among Macintosh developers looking for advice on replacement

keyboards and other issues. Having worked on keyboards at Digital Equipment Corporation some

15 years ago, I remembered our experience with keyboards and audio feedback and suggested

this as a possible solution for improving the feel of a mushy keyboard. As I searched for a

Macintosh keyclick program, I was surprised to discover there weren't any like what I had in

mind. So I decided a demonstration was in order and wrote one.

Keyclick is a lightweight preference panel that offers just enough feedback and volume that can

be adjusted from the keyboard. Once the initial concept was implemented, users began

suggesting clever enhancements like scroll wheel click or playing a silent sound to keep the audio

subsystem awake.

I've enjoyed creating Keyclick and tried to make it close to how I think Apple would do it. I hope

you find Keyclick useful and look forward to your comments and suggestions. You can Email me

directly at psichel "at" sustworks "dot" com.

- Peter Sichel

Sustainable Softworks

13 Fieldside Drive

Cumberland, RI 02864

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