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Using Keyclick

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The Keyclick preference panel (or Application) is used to configure the keyclick server as needed.

The lowest volume setting corresponds to silent or off. The shortcuts for adjusting the keyclick

volume work any time the Keyclick Server is enabled, not just in the preference panel.

Clicking on either of the keyclick volume shortcuts (next to the keyclick volume slider) allows

you to enter a new shortcut for adjusting the keyclick volume from the keyboard. For example,

you might use Control-UpArrow for louder and Control-DownArrow for softer. Use the "Delete"

key to remove the corresponding shortcut if desired.

Tip: I suggest starting just above the softest volume that's clearly discernible. A little feedback

goes a long way. Apple's Mighty Mouse includes a piezo speaker that provides feedback when you

squeeze the side buttons or move the scroll wheel. If you have a Mighty Mouse, hold your ear

close to the mouse and move the scroll wheel to hear what subtle audible feedback sounds like.

The Mighty Mouse is an interesting example because the feedback is so subtle most users are

not consciously aware of it.

The first time you open the Keyclick panel, it may ask you to enable access to system keyboard


You can either Enable access for all user space programs, or authenticate to run the

KeyclickServer as root. If you click on OK, the Universal Access preference panel will open. You

should also enable "Play user interface sound effects" in the Sound preference pane if it isn't

already turned on.

Due to changes in MacOS, you may need to give System Preference Accessibility (permission to

monitor your computer) in Keyclick version 1.4 beta in Security settings. System Preferences >

Security > Privacy > Accessibility.

Pressing the Update button will ask if you want to check for a newer version.

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