Phone Amego can dial extensions by appending them to a phone number with an "x" or “p”.
For example, the dial string:

1 (234) 567-8901 x345 678 9012#

Will first dial the 10 digit phone number 1 (234) 567-8901. When the call connects, Phone Amego will wait 2 seconds and then dial the extension 345 678 9102 followed by the # key as touch-tones. The extension is identified by a lowercase "x" or “p” followed by a digit (0-9). You can also specify an extenstion in a dialing URL as follows:


Extensions are convenient when you need to enter a voice mail password, calling card number, or select a conferencing bridge. To have Phone Amego dial an extension, you will need a telephone device that can report when a dialed call is answered so that Phone Amego will know when to dial the extension. This currently works with Bluetooth cell phones, VoIP desk phones, and Asterisk PBX.