• On screen caller ID with optional voice announcement (including Address Book search and web reverse lookup)
  • Dial calls from your Address Book, Daylite, or selected text
  • Keep notes on each call organized by caller in a shared database (shared notes via Dropbox)
  • Call logging and accounting quickly pays for itself if you bill for you time.
  • Deep integration: Contacts, Calendar, Mail, Safari, Growl, etc.
  • See incoming SMS on your Mac without reaching for your phone.
  • Works with many popular phones and services including cell phones, landlines, and VoIP. See User Guide for details.


Be more productive:

  • Identify who is calling before you reach for your phone.
  • Save time by dialing with ease when the number you want to call is already on your computer.
  • Block or Ignore unwanted calls.
  • Organize call records and pull up related information with a few clicks.
  • A unified interface for your phones and common telephone tasks.

Improve customer service:

  • Provide your customers with faster, more efficient service by having their contact details up on the screen as soon as your phone starts ringing.
  • Reduce the time callers have to wait on the phone.

Avoid These Common Frustrations:

  • Needing to manually dial long phone numbers, access codes, or extensions
  • Having to copy down or search for a phone number
  • Waiting or not knowing if you missed an important call
  • Rushing to the phone only to find it's a telemarketer or not for you
  • Incomplete or missing call history and duration
  • Missing caller ID name (get Inter-provider and International Caller ID)
  • Struggling to remember or find your notes from a previous call or Email
  • Sending SMS while you are on another call
  • Being told Macs don't support integration with your phone (CTI)
Typical Uses
  1. Pop-up Customer Records[+]
    Even before answering a call, the customer record can be shown. This allows employees a moment to review the client's information before responding.
  2. Personalize Your Phone Calls[+]
    Having your customer's information in front of you allows you to tailor your conversation to their needs.
  3. Save Time Taking Orders[+]
    Save precious seconds during peak hours by customer automatically being pulled up.
  4. Call Back Unanswered Customers[+]
    Call back missed customers that hang up during busy times. Phone Amego logs all calls whether answered or not.
  5. Save Time Making Calls[+]
    Use a Hot-Key to dial any selected phone number on your screen including extensions or conference codes. Type the first few letters of a contacts name to bring up their phone number.

    Use the
    List Dialer for making cold calls.

    Relax instead of fumbling with long digits strings.
  6. Build Your Prospect List[+]
    "Quick fill" new records with Caller ID names and numbers.
  7. Identify Threatening Callers[+]
    Pinpoint caller record from the log file based on when they called and which line.
  8. Bill for Your Time[+]
    The call log captures all calls including duration and is easily exported to a spreadsheet. This alone can pay for itself in the first month.
  9. Monitor Call Center Performance[+]
    Get key performance indicators including how long calls ring before being answered, time per call, and number of calls abandoned.
Let Phone Amego bring the joy back to using your phones.
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