Phone Amego remembers your recently dialed and received calls for your convenience. To have Phone Amego look for a matching number in your Address Book, Daylite, or attempt a reverse lookup on the web, enter the phone number and press Find. You can use the Dial button to return a recently received call, or dial a number that is not in your Address Book.

The same call history is also available from the
Recent submenu.

Looking up A Phone Number for more options.


Phone Amego allows you to keep your most frequently dialed numbers in a favorites submenu for quick access from the Status Bar. Favorites can specify not only a phone number, but a telephone device and dialing method so they always work with a single click regardless of other settings. For example, if you want to use Skype to reach a particular contact, you can specify that in a favorite.
To add a favorite, press Option Dial in the Favorites box, Call window, or Contact Card window. You can also use favorites to store Touch-Tone commands.


Favorites User Interface Hints

Favorites uses a "ComboBox" control to maintain a list of entries.

• To add an entry to the list, type in a new value and press return or enter.
New entries are added at the end of the list.

• To edit an existing entry, select the entry you want to edit in the ComboBox menu first, then change its value. If you make the string empty. The previous entry will be deleted. To cancel editing a previously selected entry, open and close the pull down menu without clicking on a menu item.

• Shift select entry: move up in list
(select entry one below to move down).

• Control select entry: move to top of list

Once your entry is defined, you can add related information like the telephone device or dialing method.

Favorites are stored in
~/Library/Application Support/Phone Amego/Favorites Menu/. You can edit them directly using Apple's Property List Editor. You can enable, disable, or create submenus by moving files to the "Favorites Menu" or "Favorites Menu (Disabled)" folder. You can manage a single favorites file for your office phone system by creating a Finder Alias that points to the actual file in a shared Dropbox.