Phone Amego offers several features that have not been previously available in a single convenient Mac application.

1. Full monitoring and control for both dialing and caller ID. Consistent heads-up display. Can also use Growl or Notification Center.

2. Get received SMS on your desktop without reaching for your phone (Bluetooth MAP).

3. A single uncluttered menu bar item. By deliberately doing less and playing nice with others, Phone Amego is able to focus on the key benefits of telephone integration while letting other tools do what they do best (contacts, calendar, and data management).

4. One program to work with most common phones (cell phones, landlines, and VoIP). Supports multiple phones of each type simultaneously including dialing extensions and sending touch-tones during a call.

5. Augmented Caller ID (Internet lookups).

6. iCal Logging. Track previous calls in your calendar. Show related calls, appointments, Email messages, or contacts with a few clicks.

7. Event URLs allow you to link caller ID information from your phone to a URL on the web so you can integrate with web applications like Salesforce.

8. Google Voice integration. Dial from any GV connected phone (indirectly). Send SMS to multiple recipients (free).

9. VoIP Caller ID. Including Linksys/Sipura or OBiHAI VoIP telephone adaptors. Works with popular IP phones including Polycom, Yealink, Aastra, Snom, Cisco, and Skype.

10. Easy to configure Caller ID sharing. See who's calling or dial remotely from other computers (running Phone Amego) on your LAN.

11. Simple call screening can block unwanted calls based on their Caller ID.

12. Keep notes on each call organized by caller in a shared database (lightweight CRM).

13. Displays phone numbers in Address Book format.

14. Designed to maximize up time. In the rare event Phone Amego or some underlying system service crashes, Phone Amego's built-in crash reporter will display a dialog offering to send a detailed crash report to the developer, and then relaunch the application automatically after 30 seconds.

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