To install Phone Amego, simply drag the program to your Applications folder and double-click to launch it.

Phone Amego is a status bar item which means the only visible indication the program is running may be a telephone icon on the right side of the menu bar. If the status bar icon is obscured, you can open the main Phone Amego window by pressing
Control-Shift-L to open the Call Log, and then holding the Control-Key while clicking Show in Finder. You can also click in any Finder window to reveal more of the status bar (since the Finder has fewer menus). I designed Phone Amego as a status bar item to minimize the disruption to whatever else you might be doing each time the phone rings or you want to place a call.

If a telephone device or Phone Amego becomes unresponsive, you can force Phone Amego to quit as follows: open Apple's Activity Monitor, type "Phone" in the search field, click on the Phone Amego process, and then choose Quit. Alternatively, if you have installed the Phone Amego Scripts folder, use your favorite launcher to open
Force Quite Phone The free Alfred App works great for this.


To remove Phone Amego, uncheck "Launch at Startup" and "Plug-Ins". Then quit the application and drag it to the trash. If you do not wish to run the program, you can simply drag it to the trash and then:
  1. Remove the Login Item from System Preferences -> Users & Groups -> Login Items
  2. Remove the Address Book plug-in from "~/Library/Address Book Plug-ins/"
  3. Remove the Daylite plug-in from "~/Library/Application Support/Daylite/PlugIns/