Power Dialer

The Power Dialer can be used to dial a list of contacts one after another. As each call completes, the selection advances and the next call is dialed. If a call is answered, you can select a Dial Result for that row from a popup menu before the call advances. If the Dial Result indicates contact was made, that row will be skipped on subsequent tries allowing you to restart the Power Dialer without redialing contacts you have already reached.

The table is initialized by loading a CSV file and then using the table header popup menus to specify the content of each column including the Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Website URL.

You can edit the dial result names and update them by pressing Reset. Use the Ring Time to control how long a call rings before automatically deemed not answered. You can edit table cells to update their content as desired.

As you select a Dial Result or edit a table cell, Phone Amego will save any changes to your CSV file without modifying its original structure. Phone Amego will save a 2nd copy of your CSV file that includes the Dial Results under the same filename with a "-x" suffix. To show this file in the Finder, right click on the window title and scroll down to the enclosing folder.

Pressing Open Contact will open or create a contact in your preferred CRM as needed.

Option clicking on a row will open the corresponding website URL if any.

The Power Dialer can be opened from the Call Log window (Control-Shift-L). Use Option to open multiple Power Dialer windows. Each Power Dialer window remembers the last 3 files imported allowing you to switch among recent files or projects by pressing "Next Project" if desired. When a project is closed, the CSV file is saved both with and without the dial results for use in other programs.

Keeping Notes

Phone Amego includes a lightweight CRM that makes it easy to take notes at any time during or after a call. To add a note, press Control-Shift-N. This will open a Contact Card with the cursor positioned to begin typing a note for this call. Type whatever you like. Press Enter to save your note and close that card.

If you call this customer back, or they call you, any notes you took previously are immediately available. There’s no need to open a separate application or web page. Just a Contact Card window you can position wherever you like.

Key Benefits

  • No monthly fees.
  • Works with standard CSV files.
  • Keep it simple. Your data stays on your computer.
  • Works with most common phones.
  • No delays. Hear the phone ring and the first hello.
  • Built-in lightweight CRM.
  • Web reverse lookup.
  • Made for the Mac, work with your preferred tools.

Just wanted to tell you that I am using the list dialer and I just love it. Is an excellent program and it helps me a lot with cold calls.

Q: What is the difference between a Power Dialer, Auto Dialer, and Predictive Dialer?

A: A Power Dialer is used by a live person to call a telephone list, one number instantly after another.

An Auto Dialer is a device that dials phone numbers automatically leaving a message.

A Predictive Dialer calls telephone lists on multiple lines at the same time while live agents wait for a human connection. A person answering the phone may wait for the next available agent.