Phone Amego supports multi-line Caller ID and Call Monitoring hardware made by These devices attach directly to your Ethernet LAN and can monitor up to 8 phone lines per unit. Additional call monitoring units can be added to support more phone lines as needed.

Once your Whozz Calling unit has been configured for use on your LAN (see our ELConfig setup utility), you are ready to add it as a telephone device in Phone Amego. From the Main Phone Amego window, press "+" under the Telephone Devices table and select "Whozz Calling EL" as the kind of telephone device you wish to add. A configuration sheet will slide down allowing you to discover and select the Whozz Calling unit you wish to add.

After adding your device, Phone Amego will display inbound and outbound call status for each active phone line attached to this device, and log calls according to your selections under the More tab. If you wish to see the status of every active phone line, select "Phone Amego -> Recent -> Call Status".

If you would prefer to not see individual call pop-up windows for these lines, select Prefer Multi-line Call Status under the Caller ID tab.


The Multi-line Call Status window uses different background colors and icons to show the status each phone line.
  • White Idle
  • Green Inbound call
  • Blue Outbound call
  • Cyan Missed call
On hook ___ Off hook ___ Ringing ___ Card found ___ Card not found ___ Daylite

__ On Hook.icns _____ OffHook ______ Bell _______ CardFound __________ CardNotFound _________ DLAppIcon

Click on the time column to toggle between 12 or 24 hour time with seconds.

Click on a Rolodex card icon to open the corresponding Phone Amego Contact Card or record in your Customer Management software (by AppleScript call_info if Option is pressed and a script is defined). The central idea here is that you can see the status for all telephone lines, and bring up a matching customer record when, and on any line you choose. This provides the ultimate flexibility to efficiently handle calls in any situation.