This page is intended to help long time Phone Amego users gain an overview of what has been added and where the product is headed. As busy professionals, it's easy to install updates month-after-month and not realize what new directions might be valuable. Here's a quick summary of what's happening with Phone Amego.

(1) Bluetooth audio on Mac OS X does not work reliably on all Macs. Your milage may vary. [This is improved on 10.8]

(2) I've incorporated a lightweight CRM that integrates with other tools as needed.

(3) I've added support for a bunch of popular IP phones and softphones. The combination of Phone Amego with a good IP phone is awesome. Much better than the legacy phones most people are familiar with.

(4) In iOS6, the iPhone allows receiving SMS via Bluetooth using the Message Access Profile (MAP) so I have added support for SMS notification.

(5) Better CRM integration for Daylite 4, RingCentral Ring Out, support for any Asterisk PBX connected phone.

Lightweight CRM

There's a description of the built-in CRM here. The key capability is that it keeps related call notes and information together organized by contact in a shared database (shared notes via Dropbox).

Phone Amego supports working with other tools as follows:
  • You can translate from an incoming phone number to a corresponding page on the web. See Event URLs.
  • You can use Phone Amego with Daylite, FileMaker, Numbers, Excel, and Bento.
  • You can show related contacts, email, or appointments as described here.
  • You can use Phone Amego with Application launchers like: Alfred, LaunchBar, and QuickSilver [Bottom of page].
  • If iCal Logging is enabled, notes for the two most recent calls will be saved in the corresponding calendar entry when the current call ends. If you use iCloud to synchronize your calendar, your notes will be available on your iOS devices.

Support for IP Phones and Softphones

I've reviewed a number of IP phones here, with configuration details staring here.

The standouts for me are Polycom and Yealink. Polycom's speakerphone technology is the best and allows easy conversations from across the room. Yealink's HD voice is not quite as good, but offers great value and ease of use. Both sound way better than Vonage (which no longer seems as impressive).

To take full advantage of the VoIP revolution, you'll want to a provider that supports HD voice. I've described a couple
here.  The shift to HD voice delivers much better sounding calls.

I've written about the state of Mac-CTI and why I think it’s becoming significant

Phone Amego has added support for Skype, Counterpath Bria/X-Lite 4, iSoftphone, and Asterisk PBX.

International Reverse Name Lookup

Phone Amego 1.4c6 incorporates international reverse name lookup as described here.

Future Directions

Better Integration for business customers and call centers.

Power (list) Dialing.

More telephone options.