Call Management At It's Finest!

Phone Amego is an amazing piece of software engineering and, to the best of my research, the only one of it's kind that seemlessly connects your phone (via bluetooth) to your Mac. I looked at a lot of similar apps, primary among them being Dialectic, but this is the only one that allows you to use your Mac to conduct and communicate via your phone. For example, I'm on my phone a lot and many times with several others in the room. My iPhone's speaker phone is good, but I want to use my more professional grade USB Speakerphone for the best quality. Phone Amego allows me to do this flawlessly!

The features I love include:  

1. Phone Amego flawlessly captures in/out bound calls as well as SMS.
2. There is a complete phone log to record every call, and you can add specific notes (it even has cool note templates that you simply fill in).
3. I can use my Mac's USB for my speakerphone for best call quality. (Jabra's SPEAK 510 is awesome!)
4. I can (optionally) have every call and / or SMS logged to my iCal. This is super powerful! Shows if the call was in or out bound, name, phone number, last call log notes, time of the call, duration, etc.
5. Allows me to use my Google Voice.
6. Has a beautiful Caller ID Heads up Display so you can see who's calling. It will even speak the caller's name if you're away from your Mac!
7. Uses my Contacts to know who's calling or being called. AND, it will also do lookups on whitepages, Number Guru, Yahoo People Finder, etc, etc, if it's not on your Contacts.
8. Has an easy to use "Favorites" for pre-defined numbers, and "Recent" that has a nice history of recently called.
9. Allows you to make and receive calls from your Mac. So, leave your phone in your pocket!
10. The developer is extremely responsive to new feature requests or just to answer a question. I've also found that their website is nicely layed out and very helpful.

I've been using this software for about 2 months and I love it. It works great and flawlessly provides an excellent call management system. From the comments, some folks seem to be having a problem getting it to work. If you do, reach out to the Sustainable Team and they will solve your problem quickly.  No, I'm not in any way affiliated with Sustainable. Just a very happy customer.

Congrats Sustainable Team!!

Doug McCready
Sr. Director, IT Management
Cardinal Health, Inc.

I didn’t get to express how fantastic Phone Amego is. Our productivity and efficiency levels went through the roof the second we installed your program here at iFixit.com. Glad to see your customer support is right on par with your app.

Scott Dingle

Last night I selected help in Phone Amego and literally read everything. I am so impressed with your app. You've totally rocked my phone world. I've installed it on my iMac in my office and on my Mac Mini in my living room which is my home entertainment center. Caller and text announcements, Contacts & Calendar integration, shared notes via Dropbox, Skype, Google Voice and landline. I'm taking advantage of it all. AMAZING!!!

I've been running my own one person IT company in Fort Collins Colorado for over 15 years and am so glad to finally find a product that meets all of my telecommunications needs.

Rob Sireno
ComputerEaze, Inc.

I'm totally impressed by the speed and ease-of-use of PA compared to alternatives -- PA is far and away a better product imho.

- Warwick Terry

In general the phone setup here is much more enjoyable with the Polycom phone. Everything just works now, and the audio is wonderful. The combination of Phone Amego and the Polycom phone is far greater than each of the two alone. It would be hard to go back to a non-CTI setup now.

- Judd Sheets
Owner, Odin Engineering

I really like the way Phone Amego controls my Polycom phone.

- Yves G.

You sure did a great job on this app, I have been looking for a click to call Address book plugin for a long time.

- Michael Gardner

Vonage works splendidly with Phone Amego and does so very much more than little BuddyPop. I commend you on putting forward a very practical, easy to use (once it's hooked up) piece of software that saves me a great deal of time and effort.

- Robert S.

Phone Amego is AWESOME!
...that PA can grab realtime call data from the SPA is unexpectedly cool.

i've tried pretty much every mac <-> phone integration package out there and phone amego is the first one i can actually use; it does what i want, the way i want.

- PV

Just wanted to tell you that I am using the list dialer and I just love it. Is an excellent program and it helps me a lot with cold calls.

- Gabriel Weisz

[MacUpdate ✭✭✭✭✭] WARD I've used a variety of dial-via-modem apps over the years. Each had quirks and bugs. My search for the ideal dialer ended last March when I discovered Phone Amego.

My five favorite features:

1. Keyboard dialing: A keyboard shortcut opens the Call window. I begin typing a name, and Phone Amego completes the name or presents a menu of possibilities. Down-arrow to select the desired number + 2 Returns, and the number is dialing.

2. Call logging in iCal: One or two Phone Amego calendars collect time-stamped incoming and outgoing calls. I leave these calendars hidden until I have a question, e.g., "When did I call Julie?", "How many times has Fred called this week?" I can scan the entries in my monthly view or do an iCal Find.

3. Growl Caller ID: Incoming callers are announced in the corner of my screen.

4. Enhanced Caller ID: Phone Amego checks an incoming number against my Address Book and WhitePages.com.

5. Peter Sichel (the developer): His responsiveness to questions, problems and suggestions is second to none. He's an A+ Mac developer.

I use Phone Amego with a conventional land line. I'm sure I'd be just as happy if I were a Bluetooth or VoIP user.

[MacUpdate ✭✭✭✭✭]
WOODEN BRAIN CONCEPTS In a few short months, Phone Amego has gone from a great idea with a lot of potential to a very solid, full-featured telephony application which mostly realizes that potential. This one simple menu bar application combines features of several other phone-related applications.

It will notify you of incoming calls (with Growl or its internal notification system). You can broadcast incoming Caller ID information over your local network, so every Mac in your house can see who is calling. If you use BoxCar or Prowl with Growl, you can send incoming land line call notifications to your iPhone.

Phone Amego also dials outgoing calls through land lines plugged into a USB modem, bluetooth cell phones (including an iPhone), Google Voice, and VoIP devices. You can even dial a land line attached to one computer from another computer on your local network. It handles numbers in your Address Book intelligently, including "plus-dial" international numbers and local numbers without area codes.

The developer is extremely responsive to suggestions and fixes problems and bugs nearly as quickly as you can throw at him (and I've thrown a lot at him over the past few months).

The chief remaining issues with Phone Amego have to do with a somewhat disjointed interface that makes initial set-up a bit tricky. But this itself is mainly the result of rapid feature expansion. It just got too big for its britches. I'd expect that eventually that will get cleaned up as well. 

"David Leon (mail list)"

Peter isn't giving the program enough credit. This program is an absolute MUST HAVE if any of the following apply to you:

1. You bill for time.
2. Your office is busy and you sometimes forget to document that you made or received a phone call.
3. Your office is busy and you sometimes forget whether or not you've spoken with someone.
4. You have o/c or clients complaining that "you never return my calls" even though you know you have.
5. You didn't manually document calls in the beginning of a matter because you originally thought it would be quick and instead it has dragged on (especially a flat fee matter).
The biggest selling point of this software is that it runs passively in the background. You don't do anything. Right now, I have it to sync calls with my exchange server, so if some o/c calls whining that we never spoke to him (a daily occurrence) I can check the calendar and see that we did call him on such and such date. I can then tell him, authoritatively, to shove it. It also has it's own built in, searchable database, so you can look for calls.
I strongly recommend buying this program with the WhozzCalling box, so it can track incoming and outgoing calls. I think it was about $1k for 5 licenses and the box. It paid for itself almost immediately, due to its ability to recapture lost time. (How many .1 telephone calls have you forgotten to track because you took a call when you were in someone else's office, didn't have a notepad handy, etc.)

Also, the unit will track calls on your iPhone if you're within bluetooth range. Ever have a client or o/c call your cell while you're in the office? It's now tracked.
The other nice thing is that Peter will respond to a feature request if you ask nicely.
This is one of the very few programs that is on my MUST BUY, no exceptions, list.

I just recently started using Daylite and was searching for a dialer to my Polycom. I downloaded the Dialectic app they recommend but it was so difficult and uneasy to use, and didn't really offer support for my Polycom. I searched the web and found your product. Super easy to install and great support steps that allowed a not-so-techy guy like myself to do it without help. So a big thanks, I went ahead and bought it and its working really well. Please keep it going. You should really see if Daylite would put your dialer in the Auto Dialer by default. It is sooo much easier than the alternatives they have.

Thanks again!

John McDowell
Sales Executive
ReadyNet Solutions

I use Phone Amego at home, and at work together with a iPhone 3GS.

I had some troubles to get the iPhone in contact with my iMac and the Phone Amego.
But the support at Softworks did a great job to help me up and stay.

This app is one of my 2 best helpers on my Mac. I helps me to reduce time spending on things I do not need to!

THANKS for the program. THANKS for the support.
It is worth every penny.

Geir Fossnes

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