Your previous registration includes 2 years of free product upgrades and support. You are free to continue using previous versions of the software released on or before this 2 year anniversary as desired (there is no requirement to upgrade). These versions remain available from our download server at

New versions released after the included two year support period will revert to trial mode and require a paid upgrade available from the Sustainable Softworks online registration server. Our upgrade pricing is as follows:

Less than 2 years since your last registration:
More than 2 years since your last registration: 50%

By purchasing a "Software Upgrade" license, you have represented to us that you previously paid for a non upgrade license for this Software and that any previous version along with the new version will constitute a single licensed copy under the terms of the license agreement for each copy registered to you.

An upgrade registration will unlock new versions for 2 years from the date of your upgrade. Phone Amego has improved steadily over the past two years as you can see from the
product evolution page and release notes. I hope you will consider supporting this ongoing work. As an independent developer of moderately priced software, it is users like you who make Phone Amego possible.

Thank you for your support.

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Hint: Launch Phone Amego and copy down your last registration date.
Then click the link above to download a version within 2 years of your registration.

If you have trouble getting Phone Amego to save your upgrade key, please remove any old “PhoneAmego_key” files from
/Library/Application Support/Sustainable Softworks/ or
~/Library/Application Support/Sustainable Softworks/

then make sure the “/Library” path above is Group writable (or contact us directly for assistance). While the update process usually works smoothly, sometimes when migrating to a new mac or system, the ownership of these files is not preserved.

The Role of Indie Mac Developers

Phone Amego is an interesting example of software that Apple is unlikely to develop. With so many different phones to support, it would be difficult for Apple to deliver a great user experience across their entire customer base. If it isn't great, Apple would rather not do it.

As an independent developer, I can focus on supporting a smaller number of phones, work directly with customers to refine the product, and offer more frequent software updates. As central as the iPhone is to Apple's strategy,
Mac-to-Phone integration (CTI) is not within their laser focus. Apple targets consumers while doing just enough to support business users who bring their own device (BYOD).