You can select to use Growl notification in addition to or in place of the Call Status window under the Caller ID tab. If you click in a Growl notification bubble, the corresponding information source is displayed (Address Book contact, Contact Card, etc).

More use Growl

You can select "When Screen Saver is Active" to use Growl notification when you are away from your desk, and have moving your cell phone Out-of-Range launch your Screen Saver.

You can use Prowl (a Growl client for iPhone) to receive caller ID information on your iPhone when you are away from your computer. If you use Phone Amego with your home phone for example, your iPhone can be used as a remote caller ID display when you are working around the house.

Understanding Phone Amego's Growl Notifications

Calling - initiating an outbound call
Incoming Call - receiving an incoming call
Status Update - a change in status of a previous call
Idle - a previously active call has ended
Alert - other notification (like a device has moved in range, not currently used)

All notifications default to "sticky" except Idle. Phone Amego uses "coalescing" so that subsequent notifications for the same call appear as a single notification bubble that is updated. When a call ends, the final Idle notification is not sticky.

Outbound call states: dialing, connecting, ringing, active, idle
Inbound call states: alerting, active, idle