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Auto Documentation into Apple's Contact Application

PostPosted: Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:47 pm
by RjinWI
After reviewing a number of posts, I could find exactly what I'm looking for.

In the past I had been working with Ovolab which has been discontinued. Bue had some need features. The program is now free and can be found at their home page.

Here we go....

Basically, when an event would happen, it would be documented in the individual's contact card if it's a match.

I.E. George Washing calls, his name appears on the screen, he is in the Apple Contact Book, and hang's up before someone could answer. (More patience I Say)

Here the real deal -- Could Phone Amego Note that **Recived call from xxx-xxx-xxxx on Jul 01 2013 in the Apple's contact book? and keep a rolling record on each user's coment card?

Any questions let me know. I also have the software from the old company if you like. They give it for free.

Thank You

Re: Auto Documentation into Apple's Contact Application

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:20 am
by psichel_adm
I actually had this feature in Phone Amego for a time. The problem I found is that the Address Book notes field for frequent callers would become cluttered with call data that was difficult to decipher.

The solution I adopted is to store call information in the Calendar so it is conveniently organized by date. You can also keep notes on each caller in a Phone Amego Contact Card which is designed to simplify keeping and sharing call notes. When Phone Amego writes a Calendar entry, the last two notes from the corresponding Contact Card (if any) are included. This allows you to keep notes easily and still have them synchronized with your iOS devices.


- Peter