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Phone Amego V1.4.21.02

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:47 am
by Freek
Like to have Phone Amego fully functional under Apple OS Maverick in combination with Yaelink Sip T46G desk ipphone.
After upgrading to Mavevrick, some functions do not work anymore. Today I can dial out from my contacts on my mac both with iPhone and Yealink deskphone.

The following I like to see changed or fixed (currently running Phone Amego V1.4.21.02, OSX 10.9, IOS 7.0.3, Yealink firmware
1. In the main menu, i cannot add any more devices. Visible are the Yealink SIP T46G and my iPhone.
2. Frequently when I receive a call on the mobile the voice switches during the call to the Mac and goes dead, although i set the option "set to accept hand free never".
On the iPhone I have to change the audio source to get back the audio. I Just like to control dial and answer the mobile and desk-phone with phone amego.
3. When on the phone and a second call comes in. When I close this HUD, e.g. to force it to go to voicemail. All calls are disconnected.
4. Receiving a call on the deskphone does not bring up the HUD with the calling ID user. I noticed that the URL generation in the caller ID menu disappeared. All action URL's are set in the phone with the help of the initial version I bought from the app store.
5. Like to be able to specify what is shown in the HUD, for example I like to see the suffix and company name fields.
6. On hook and off-hook signalling from the deskphone is not noticed by Phone Amego.


Re: Phone Amego V1.4.21.02

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:24 pm
by psichel_adm
Let me start by saying there is a lot going on here. Mavericks removed the previous Bluetooth audio APIs thus forcing Phone Amego to use the new HandsFreeDevice API which handles Bluetooth audio internally. The good news is it includes echo cancellation using the VPIO audio unit from iOS. The bad news it's a relatively untested API and there are some bugs Phone Amego users are reporting (which I am relaying to Apple).

Next, you are particularly interested in the Yealink SIP-T46G desk phone. This phone incorporates Yealinks latest firmware (x.71.0.140) which includes some incompatible changes. You will need to update the Action URL for the "Off-Hook" event as shown in the latest Phone Amego User Guide so it requests the firmware version number. Based on the firmware version, Phone Amego can select the matching Action URI format as needed.

Regarding 1, you cannot add more devices. You will need to upgrade to Phone Amego Pro if you haven't already. See

Regarding 2, I recommend removing your iPhone as a telephone device in Phone Amego and then adding it back as device type "Alternate HFP". This will use the old Bluetooth API but without Bluetooth Audio support.

Regarding 3, another customer specifically requested Phone Amego hang up both calls in this situation. I'm open to suggestions.

Regarding 4, I recommend upgrading to Phone Amego 1.4.22 (just released), removing your Yealink phone as telephone device in Phone Amego and then adding it back.

Regarding 5, I'm open to creative suggestions. Every control the user needs to understand that doesn't add an obvious useful features strips a little joy from their experience. Phone Amego tries to display the best information it finds. Can you give a specific example that didn't work the way you expected?

Regarding 6, I believe this is related to the new firmware in your Yealink SIP-T46G phone. Please make sure you have entered the latest URLs from the "Local HTTP Server" box under the Caller ID tab. Next, enable the Debug Log under the More tab. We should then be able to verify what your phone is actually sending for the on-hook and off-hook events. There may be a bug in the Yealink firmware around this but they are usually good about fixing these once they are reported in the support forum. Let's identify the problem, and then get it fixed.

Kind Regards,

- Peter

Re: Phone Amego V1.4.21.02

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 4:36 am
by Freek
Initially I bought the app in the appstore.
There is no Pro version offered. And the dialing URL's where in there.
Nevertheless I upgraded and have the Action URL's back.

Regarding 1; I upgraded to the Pro version.

Regarding 2: Did that works much better.

Regarding 3; To me it sounds strange that when you are on a call and another call comes in you will disconnect both.
My preference would be to either answer the second incoming call and have the first on hold. Or force the second incoming call to voicemail, by clicking the HUD

Regarding 4: Tried to upgrade to V1.4.22 within the however at relaunch it keeps on crashing. Removed all devices, rebooted and tried it once more without luck.
So re-installed version

Regarding 5: The suggestion is that you would be able to specify somewhere in a text file which fields should be displayed in the HUD. For example I would like to see.
First Middle Last
caller ID (phone number)

Regarding 6; That works now, I even enabled the scripts. Skype will go in do not disturb mode when off hook and back to available on hook.

7: Tried to get the caller ID working however it's being messed up. The look up in the local contacts on my mac address book is done from rear to front that's perfect.
If I only specify the last four digits it will popup in the HUD. for example 5678 will give me Freek Mooij +31 6 1234 5678 However the Yealink phone will pass on the local number which is 06 12345678. Is there a way to limit Phone Amego to match the maximum of digits from the rear, in this case 9.

Re: Phone Amego V1.4.21.02

PostPosted: Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:58 am
by psichel_adm
RE 7:

Your Address Book contains: +31 6 1234 5678
Your Yealink phone is returning: 06 12345678 which is not a suffix of the number in your Address Book.

Under the Dialing options tab, specify "0" as the National Direct Dialing Prefix. Phone Amego will then know to strip this from the received phone number before comparing it to the entry in your Address Book. "6 12345678" should match as a valid suffix of "+31 6 1234 5678".

Kind Regards,

- Peter