[iTunes] Custom Applescripts I have created

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[iTunes] Custom Applescripts I have created

Postby justinlarsen » Wed Jan 15, 2014 8:22 am

After just digging into the vast work done with this software, I decided to start creating some custom Applescript, or improve on some already provided.

Linked below are two scripts I have adjusted

1. iTunes Incoming.scpt

Problem: While already on a call, I would have my itunes start playing again while a call. This is due to it triggering during call waiting. This has be resolved with the script I am working on and uploading here.

Solution: There is now a variable detecting if iTunes is either playing or paused. If its paused it will stay as such, if it is playing it will dynamically take the current volume you are listening too and fade the volume down for 10 second, after that point if you do not answer or ignore the call it will gradually fade back up to the volume you were at before. I made this to avoid dramatic changes in sound levels.

2. iTunes Play.scpt

Problem: If I am playing my music loud or have headphone on, after ending a call it can be a dramatic blast of music. This is esp. important when you forget how loud you have your music playing before the call.

Solution: When you hangup your call, your volume will not gradually adjust from the low level of 5 to the level you were listening at before.


Future Scripts in Progress

1. XBMC Notification
From all connected devices for me it will be my iPhone / Skype. I am currently working with the JSON framework they have put together. If this is something you use in your living room it will provide you with the ability displaying a popup or SMS of whose contacting you. If you answer the call it will then Pause the movie and resume upon the call ending.

2. Home Automation
I recently installed some Belkin WeMo projects, and they tend to work less then adequate. I am going to so some scripting to convert the bluetooth connection to talk to my wifi so bluetooth can control the lights with automation.

If anyone has any iPhone / Mac request let me now and I'll see what I can do depending if I have the hardware handy and what not.


Looks like I don't have rights et as a new user to upload files so here are my dropbox locations:


Note: I am running iOS7 / Mavericks
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