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Imac Hum when a call is answered on the computer

PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2014 12:29 pm
by maitai
I have been trying to come up with a solution to this problem, but so far no luck. What happens is I can connect to my 2010 27inch iMac, using the built in Bluetooth 3.0 card with no problems.

When a call comes in, PA answers the call perfectly. However the problem is I hear a buzzing on my end. Handfree, as well as with headphones plugged directly into the headphone jack, the p[oblem persists.

The caller on the other end does NOT hear the noise.

Even though the call cannot hear the noise, its impossible to continue the call on the iMac. First I thought is was a problem with my built in Bluetooth card. I have tried 2 USB Bluetooth dongles (EDR 2.0), but the problem persists.

What is strange is if I reboot my phone AND the iMac, "sometimes" when a call comes in, I do not hear the buzzing. Its very hit and miss.

I am running Yosemite Beta version of OS X on the iMac.

I then tried to use PA on my Macbook Pro, but experienced the exact same problem. I really like the software and want to keep it as I paid $29.00 for its use, but at this point, its a bit too unstable.

My other idea is to order a USB Bluetooth dongle 4.0 LTE, and try it as a last ditch effort but I think using yet another bluetooth device is a very long shot.

Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Imac Hum when a call is answered on the computer

PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2014 7:28 pm
by psichel_adm
You ask if I have any ideas?

I'm the developer of Phone Amego. Bluetooth audio on Mac OS X has never worked reliably. I've been fighting with this for 4 years, and the developer of BluePhone Elite struggled with it before that. While strides have been made, it doesn't work consistently on all Macs which is a shame.

As of Mavericks, Apple controls the entire Bluetooth audio stack. Phone Amego's role is to "Accept the call on the computer". Please do file a bug report with Apple.

Why has it been so hard to make this work well?
I think there are a few reasons:
(1) Bluetooth itself is a complex beast and not easily tamed. Bluetooth chose to re-define the entire network stack unlike WiFi which closely follows Ethernet so is able to re-use a vast amount of well defined and stable infrastructure.
(2) Apple doesn't ship an end user product in this space, so has little incentive to test it thoroughly.
(3) The technology is easy to neglect and maintaining top talent is difficult.

With Yosemite, Apple has finally decided to join the Mac + iPhone integration game. I understand they choose to use WiFi instead of Bluetooth to do the heavy audio lifting. Only Apple could implement this solution because the WiFi API's weren't available until Apple decided they needed them. Never-the-less, they continue to work on Bluetooth and this may be an opportunity for further progress.

Kind Regards,

- Peter

Re: Imac Hum when a call is answered on the computer

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:17 am
by maitai
I actually was asking everyone on the Forum for ideas, not just you. Perhaps another user came up with something not thought of before. Thank you for your reply, but it does not provide any manner of a solution. This problem renders your product unusable, at least for me, and others who experience the same issue.

Out of curiosity, two days ago, I brought an app on the Apple Store for $3.00 that appears to be working without problems. It may start having problems, but so far so good. Sadly I much prefer PA as I believe its far superior, but my IMac does not work well with PA. I also have a Macbook Pro 2009, and have exactly the same problem on it, so I would imagine the problem is far more common.

I have sent two emails to requesting a Refund in accordance with the terms on your website over the past 6 days. So far I have not received any response. Kindly respond to one of the emails to advise your attentions. Please look for an email from

Thank you and once again I think your product is great, but sadly it does not work well with my Macs.

Re: Imac Hum when a call is answered on the computer

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:49 am
by psichel_adm
I'm curious what version of OS X you are actually using?
Phone Amego does provide the audio play through prior to Mavericks and it does this using Apple's QTKit.

Regarding your refund request. I can't seem to find any such Emails. I don't know why. I'll try to Email directly. I have no problem with granting a refund once I identify your transaction.

Kind Regards,

- Peter

Re: Imac Hum when a call is answered on the computer

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:26 pm
by maitai
Peter, I am now running Yosemite Beta 4 OS but this has not helped the situation on my IMac, nor on my Macbook Pro (Maverick). I don't think the OS X version is the cause of the problem however. As I mentioned I have tried various bluetooth dongles but the result is always the same.

Rebooting my computer as well as the my iPhone 5S (running OS X 8 now), seems to improve things a bit now, but after a few hours the hum returns. I no longer use PE, as I don't like rebooting so often.

As for my transaction, it was via PayPal, and I have sent you the supporting documentation, confirming the purchase to your personal email. Please check your email, as I have sent you two separate emails, addressing confirmation of the purchase.

I look forward to hearing form you, and apologies for using the forum to address the purchase subject matter, but this was the only way to reach you.

Re: Imac Hum when a call is answered on the computer

PostPosted: Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:52 am
by psichel_adm
No problem about using the forum. Email is not 100% reliable. Email can be filtered as spam, have the address mis-typed, or the sender's mailbox is full so I am unable to respond.

I believe I granted your refund based on the information I received from my payment processor. If not, please let me know. My correct Email address and phone number are published on the "" website .

From my perspective, Phone Amego has zero involvement in processing the audio between your phone and what is played on your Mac, so it's unclear how it could be introducing the audio hum you describe. My guess is some interaction in the way the call processing is being setup so I'll try to explore some variations. Phone Amego may still be trying to create the persistent audio device as required for previous versions of OS X.

Kind Regards,

- Peter