problem with alternative ports (ip port section)

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problem with alternative ports (ip port section)

Postby yummiweb » Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:36 am


i have a problem with the "ip port" option in "main" "voip device" (double click) section.
it seems that this optional "ip port" function isnt working correctly.

edit addendum: no matter what port is set in this section, phoneamego is using port 80.
(so maybe it is not nessessary to read the whole post)

if i leave this option "free" and using standard ports (no port redirection) everything works fine.
but if i set a special port in my network (e.g redirection to 42104) and set this port (42104) in this section,
phone amego cannot send orders to the voip phone.

why i think my own settings are correct:
if i set a port redirection in my network to (eg. 42104) and use a command by browser like ""
(note the given port 42104 in this address) the voip phone (snom) is reacting on this command as expected.
but within phoneamego it isnt work with this port (or other different ports)

please can you check the correct function of the "ip port option" within phoneamego?
my phoneamego version is: 1.4.39

why do i need to use special ports?
i have to setup phoneamego in a special network configuration where the phoneamego clients (desktops)
and the voip server (+voip phones) are in different networks.
(the intend is to have it in different networks with nat)

the phoneamego clients (desktops) are in the main network
the voip server (a special device) is connected over his own "wan" port to the main network.
the voip server wan ip is and he makes his own (sub)network
his own lan ip (the voip service) is and the voip phones has

therefore the voip server/phones network is "nated" within the main network,
so wee needs a special portforwarding to connect from the phone amego clients to the voip phones
and i have to use a different port for each device to reach all teh voip phones over a single ip (wan ip from voip server)
(for voip phone 4)
from wan ip ( port 42104 to lan ip (voip phone) port 80 (or something else as configured in snom config)
(for voip phone 5)
from wan ip ( port 42105 to lan ip (voip phone) port 80 (or something else as configured in snom config)

the other way round (from voip phone to the phone amego client) the connection works without tweakings.
(in this direction no port redirection is necessary)

thank you for help!

regards yummiweb
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Re: problem with alternative ports (ip port section)

Postby psichel_adm » Sat Feb 04, 2017 5:24 pm

The ip port option is currently implemented for Polycom IP phones. What kind of phone do you have?
I can extend this for other phones but would like to confirm which phone to test.

Kind Regards,

- Peter
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