Internal DNS Server Not Resolving

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Internal DNS Server Not Resolving

Postby Donnieclark » Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:39 am


I am the only (and yes by MY choice) Mac user in my company. Our IT department is PRO Microsoft where they are obsessive and inflexible over almost all software in our company. So I get little or no support from IT. Having said that, when errors on our network occur, it is usually my little Mac that displays something wrong and they are less than pleased at having me identify any troubles. Therefor, I do have to try and come up with solutions to issues on my own and then inform IT if a change is required.

From my understanding, our IT department changed the internal DNS of our production webserver. I can see the server from home but cannot see the server internally. I can't ping the server. I have done a lookupd -flushcache, cleared Safari's cache (although I can't see the site using any program). Also, I can access our internal network and file servers just not our main site.

I have used IPNetMonitorX abd see a score of internal IPs but the one for the main server does not return data. If I do a lookup on the IP it does however return the name of the server.

I am at quite a loss as to what else I can try or perhaps someone might know if they need to fix or adjust a setting on the Windows server side.

Ideally, it is a quick fix on my machine.

Any help?

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