Phone Amego with iPhone in Germany

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Re: Phone Amego with iPhone in Germany

Postby Alfred » Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:15 pm

You're right, PhoneView takes the log by cable....

I'm a real estate agent and I try to build a usable workflow.
For CRM I use Contactizer (as far as I know it will work with PhoneAmigo shortly).

Over here in Germany the law for real estate agent is a little difficult, so we have to keep an activity confirmation to get our brokerage.
Therefor I have to log all my activity (MacJournal), esp. telephone calls (PhoneAmego + PhoneView)...thats the background of my request...

Btw, regarding the German style display: the calls which are in my address book are displayed correct, the other calls from outside are not... :(
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Re: Phone Amego with iPhone in Germany

Postby psichel_adm » Wed Dec 15, 2010 10:32 am

To follow up on your earlier message, let me explain how formatting strings work. You can add your own custom format strings to the ones already in your Mac Address Book. To customize your Address Book formats, navigate to “Address Book -> Preferences -> Phone” and select “Custom” in the Formats popup menu that appears.

For example, suppose you got a call from "491-234-567-8910" and you want it to appear as: "+49-123-456 78910".

You would then add format string like this: "+49-###-### #####" to your Address Book.

"+" in the format string indicates a country code follows.
49 is the country code for Germany.
The number contains 13 digits separated by hyphens and spaces as shown.

Phone Amego searches your Address Book format strings to find the best match, where the best match has the same total number of digits (13) and the longest matching prefix "49" or 2 characters. In this case, the "+" prefix will still be allowed to match even if it isn't visible in the number you received since it should be there.

If Phone Amego does not find a matching format string, it will use this one by default: "###-###-###-###-####". I'm open to changing this, but I had to start somewhere and this works for North America and lets you see the intermediate digits easily.

Kind Regards,

- Peter
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Re: Phone Amego with iPhone in Germany

Postby Alfred » Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:34 pm

Thanks Peter,
I will test it this way!
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