Not logging calls

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Not logging calls

Postby davisjohne » Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:24 am

incoming calls are not being put in the call log. i have the 'Log Calls' box checked in the Call Log Window
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Re: Not logging calls

Postby psichel_adm » Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:36 pm

What telephone device? Calls are normally logged when the call ends. USB modems don't signal when a call ends, so the log will only be approximate.

Phone Amego has a Debug Log you can enable under the More tab to see what the program is doing. You might also check the system.log for any error messages in case Phone Amego is unable to create a log file on your hard drive.

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- Peter
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Re: Not logging calls

Postby Joggler » Thu May 28, 2015 9:25 am

I have this same issue, using 1.4.33. No log file at all for any calls.
On investigation, I find that The system log reports that Amego fails to either write or read this file.
It turns out that the necessary folder does not exist in /logs

I created ~/Library/Logs/Phone Amego/ by hand, in the finder.

After two restarts of Phone Amego, logging now works perfectly.

I don't want to criticise, but perhaps the response to the first report of this bug was less than helpful ? I had the skills to find a solution, but many might not.

I think you should investigate this seriously. Unless it is some sort of freak failure occurring for just a few people, this is a serious bug. Logging is pretty critical for most users.

When I downloaded Amego, I chose the Stable version, which was not 1.4.33 on the website.
But as soon as I ran it, The app informed me of an update and invited me to download it.
It gave me 1.4.33

I trusted that it knew 1.4.33 was in fact now rated stable. Was this incorrect?

Was I too trusting? Is 1.4.33c still buggy ?
What other serious bugs does it contain ?
How can I revert? Why was I encouraged to download it ?

I seriously think that a report of this nature from a user should not just be dismissed. Firstly, people need proper help, secondly, a clue to a dangerous unspotted bug may be missed.

Otherwise, now I hand-created a vital missing folder, Its working fine.

Excellent software.

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Re: Not logging calls

Postby psichel_adm » Fri May 29, 2015 7:27 pm

Most previous versions are still available from the same download folder on my website.

The "stable" version on the download page <> is 1.4.30 .
As Apple updates their software, conflicts sometimes arise. Many are not easily reproduced so carefully
documented reports are especially helpful.

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- Peter
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