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Broadband Options for Mac Users in the UK

Apple Macs are a particular brand of computer developed by the American based Apple company. They use a specific operating system which is pre-installed in all of the machines and provides an alternative to Windows. They have a signature design which has created a firm brand image for the company, and has come to be associated with producing technologically advanced and desirable products.

Not all providers offer Mac compatible broadband modems and wireless routers but as Apple becomes more and more popular with consumers, broadband companies are becoming more inclined to offer hardware which is compatible with Macs.

BT has a number of Total Broadband Options. All of the available options offer download speeds of up to 8MB and provide the BT Home Hub to connect wirelessly to the Internet however the data usage varies for each of the four options and the price varies accordingly. The best value option costs £7.95 for the first three months and £15.99 after that for an 18 month contract and you get a 10GB monthly usage allowance. Plus, you have an allowance of 250 WiFi minutes so you can connect to Broadband remotely in BT Openzone and BT FON hotspots as well as free 24/7 broadband help.

An alternative to BT however, comes from O2. The price varies if you have an O2 mobile or if you are within the O2 Broadband network area, however the 8MB package costs as little as £7.50 a month if you have an O2 mobile and are within the network area, providing unlimited usage and an upload speed of up to 1.3MB on a one year contract.

Talktalk also offers a broadband package compatible with Macs costing as little as £13.75 for the first three months and £16.99 thereafter. It provides speeds of up to 8MB as well as a 40GB monthly usage allowance and includes unlimited evening and weekend phone calls to UK landlines and unlimited landline calls to 36 international destinations worldwide. In addition, the wireless router is free so you can assess broadband speed internet on your Mac without a wire, however, there is a one off set up fee of £29.99.

When choosing a Broadband provider it pays to take into account what exactly you need and research thoroughly into the options that are available to you. Looking at customer Broadband reviews is also worthwhile as these can tell you a lot about the kind of service the company provides and give you a good indication of what to expect. As you're going to be paying a lot of money for this service it is definitely useful to shop around for the best deal to avoid being disappointed.

-- Courtesy of Broadback Experts