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What Users are Saying about IPNetMonitor...

These are a few of the comments I have received from customers. Thanks to all of you who have sent me your comments and suggestions. I really appreciate the kind words and the opportunity to make IPNetMonitor even better.

Just a small note to let you know that you have written a fantastic piece of software. Beautifully crafted & presented. Well worth the price of admission!

G. Jeffrey, Sydney Australia

Fantastic program, I love it. Thank you.

D. Lewis, Maryville TN

I really like your tool and prefer it over P. Lewis' MacTCP Watcher!

H. Stosch, Germany

I'm sure glad to see that someone has picked up the torch of MacTCP monitor for Open Transport. Many of the postings on comp.sys.mac.com deal with how fast their modem is transfering, when the real question is how well is TCP/IP transferring. It is especially useful to see the _graphical_ pattern of transfers, and to see easily if the server is wasting my modem bandwidth by sending duplicate packets.

A. Charlesworth, Portland OR

Thanks for a great product.

D. Hughes, Paducah KY

Incredible tool. I can't thank you enough for building such a robust and intuitive tool for investigating and troubleshooting Macintosh connections to the internet.


J. Cejka
Editorial Tech Support, Disney

I'd just like to congratulate you on your excellent internet diagnostic tool IPNetMonitor. Powerful, but simple enough for novices to use. I've found the documentation to be absolutely superb -- not only does it comprehensively explain what your software is designed to do, but also how to interpret the data which is collected, in addition to how that data is beneficial to everyday users, or system admins, all in a clear logical manner.

In other words -- exactly what one would expect and *hope* that all documentation would be, but seldom is. ;)

Mike, Santa Barbara CA