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IPNetMonitor 2.5 provides a set of twelve commonly used Internet tools which allow Macintosh users to monitor and debug their connections to the Internet. The tools are designed to help users quickly identify problems, locate where the problem is, and gather data which can be used to solve the problem, either directly or through their Internet Service Provider.

Price: $60 (Includes IPNetMonitorX key)




Tests IP connectivity to a designated IP address.

Trace Route

Shows the IP addresses and names of all the hosts and routers between you and a remote IP address. Also displays round trip time to these individual hosts/routers.

Name Server Lookup (NS Lookup)

Typically used to determine the true IP address of an alphanumeric domain name

Who Is

Typically used to determine ownership, technical responsibility of a given domain name.


Typically used to get information about a specific host or user on a host. With security and privacy concerns, this information is not always available.


Monitor the IP throughput on a single or all interfaces on the IPNetMonitor computer.

TCP Info

The TCP info window allows you to examine TCP/IP data transfer and connection state more closely on the machine running IPNetMonitor.

Connection List

The Connection List window allows you to see information about your current TCP/IP connections on the machine running IPNetMonitor.

Address Scan

The Address Scan window allows you to scan a range of IP Addresses to check for available hosts and assigned domain names.

Subnet Calculator

The Subnet Calculator makes it easier to specify IP addresses and masks for routing.

DHCP Lease

The DHCP Lease window provides information about the local DHCP Lease when configure via DHCP is selected in the TCP/IP Control Panel. This feature is only available under MacOS 8.5 and later which includes Network Setup.


The DHCP Test window allows you to exercise a DHCP Server.





For IPNetMonitorX,
The Mac OS X version, click here.

"And, for Macintosh computers, IPNetMonitor provides an abundance of information on the state of your connection."

--- Dallas Morning News, 11/29/01

Read the article here.
Internet Monitoring for Macintosh