IPNetMonitorX Registration

All of our Macintosh software products feature a fully functional 21 day trial period allowing you to "Try before you buy."

The first time the program is run on your computer, it calculates an expiration date 21 days from the current date and time. To unlock the trial expiration, you must register the software via our website or other mechanism provided and then personalize your copy.

Once your registration is processed, we will send you a "registration key" that unlocks the demo startup screen and expiration by Email. You can simply copy the text of this Email message to the clipboard (as if you were going to paste it into another application) and then launch the application, or paste into the "registration key" field of the registration window or demo startup dialog.

IPNetMonitorX registration keys are personalized based on identifying information you supply to identify who the corresponding software is licensed to. Both the software and registration keys are protected by copyright law and the accompanying license agreement.

We have chosen this method of distribution both for your convenience and to allow us to focus more of our energy on creating great low cost software. Thanks for your support.

Product Upgrades

Your registration includes 2 years of upgrades and support. You are free to continue using previous versions of the software released on or before this 2 year anniversary as desired. These versions remain available from our download server at http://sustworks.com/download

New versions released after the included two year support period will revert to trial mode and require a paid upgrade available from the Sustainable Softworks online registration server. Our upgrade pricing is currently set as follows:

Less than 2 years since your last registration free
More than 2 but less than 3 years since your last registration 25% ($17.50)
More than 3 years since your last registration 50% ($35)

An upgrade registration will unlock new versions for 2 years from the date of your upgrade. As a small independent developer of moderately priced technical software, I look forward to making IPNetMonitorX even better.

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