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IPNetMonitorX User Comments

The new DNS RBL tool is so kewl!

I use the tool constantly in my work as the compliance manager for Return Path's Sender Score Certified, supporting 500 client-groups and 5,000 certified IPs, I couldn't do my work nearly as effectively without IP Net Monitor. For real. It is without parallel in the Mac world, and makes me feel even sorrier for Windows users.

Neil Schwartzman
Manager, Compliance & ISP Relations
Sender Score Certified
Return Path Inc.

This has been a great tool for the Mac, and I have been using it for years in working with my imaging network! - Mark Martin Assoc. in Research - Duke Radiology

This is the best all-in-one network tool-kit available for Mac OSX. I've tried them all.

Peter Pearson
Professor Human Genetics
University Sao Paulo

Great software that just works, with very helpful support.

Chris Meyer - CyberMotion

Absolutely the best for what it does. For us, an inescapable tool.

This app is freakin awesome! Thanks for making us look good.

This is great software for figuring out network things ... way beyond Network Utility!

This is a well-designed, extremely useful piece of software.

Long time user. IPNetRouter runs my 15 workstation medical office, IPNetMoniterX and IPNetTunerX keep my connections perfect. My business IT connection runs on this software. It just plain works, for a fraction of the cost of hardware solutions. Any small businessman/woman is foolish not to look very carefully a the Sustainable Softworks solutions.

Peter M Johns MD

Next to BBEdit, this is my most useful Mac program. - Chuck Weger

IPNetMonitor has been so incredibly useful that it's the first tool I'm upgrading for my OSX system.

A very useful tool. I have been using it ever since it became available for older Mac OS's.

Richard Rudman
Remote Possibilities Consulting

Stable and feature rich. An excellent value!

Great product - keep up the good work!

IPNetMonitor is really one classy network debugger. Use it almost everyday on wi-fi and easily has paid itself off many times over. Highly recommended.

Absolute necessity for mac owners.

It's definitely worth the price of admission. TCPDUMP and TCPFlow is much simpler to use from this interface and I've been able to troubleshoot multiple problems thanks to this product.

Found a bug with timing on ping and traceroute. Emailed you - worked with Peter and problem fixed within 2 days. Absolutely amazing responsiveness to my problem! Anybody that responds so quickly to a user "complaint" should be paid well for their efforts. Thanks for making great, easy to use software for the Mac.

Al Spiegleman
AM Consting

Like the DHCP tester to find rogue DHCP servers...

An essential tool which I use all the time... Administering a network is much easier with this software in your toolbox.

This is a great tool for me to use as I perform my job installing internet videophone systems for deaf clients to allow them to communicate using American Sign Language.

I've been using Peter Sichel's software since the mid-90's to troubleshoot networks for Pacific Telesis and Chevron Corporation. His software efforts have helped to make the Mac a competitive platform to any other Desktop OS in the enterprise and small businesses for many years. I hope to use his software for many years to come!

Thanks for such a useful product!

I have often written software vendors to express my displeasure when they disable cut-and-paste (or fail to implement it) for registration codes, forcing me to manually type them in. It adds up, upgrading 50 apps as I'm now doing for my migration to an Intel MacBook.

Imagine my pleasure when IPNetMonitorX noticed my registration text in the clipboard, and took it from there!


Dave Bayer

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