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IPNetTuner is a simple application that allows you to optimize your Window's Internet performance. It works with Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000 and XP. IPNetTuner supports over 16 adjustable parameters including the TCP Window Size, Time Out intervals, Selective ACK (SACK) settings, and MTU. It also provides a convenient test tool so that you can immediately observe the results after adjusting specific parameters. The Link Rate tool is specifically designed to ensure that you are getting the throughput claimed by your ISP.

Price: $30


Why might you need IPNetTuner? Some specific reasons:

  • your analog modem performance is not what you believe it should be.
  • your Cable/DSL/ADSL connection does not seem to provide the performance as claimed by your ISP
  • you are having connection problems through a VPN or router which are related to MTU (maximum transmission unit) size
  • you wish to make sure your ethernet NICs are running at their maximum speed (Link Rate Test)

Unlike many other "Turbo Boosting" Internet applications out there for Windows, IPNetTuner let's you:

  • "try before you buy" with our fully functional 21 day trial period
  • readily control and view the Windows settings which are being modified
  • easily restore the default Windows TCP/IP Parameters in the Windows Registry
  • directly measure both Link Rates (raw IP throughput) and TCP Rates in a easy to view graph
  • configure TCP/IP properties on the fly (Windows 2000 and XP only)


Actual IPNetTuner Link Rate test. Testing by author found that he was only getting half the speed out of his cable modem service as was contracted with his ISP (Contracted download/upload speed was 1544 KBs/256 KB/s - asymmetric). After reporting to his ISP, the ISP investigated and found that indeed his speed settings were incorrectly programmed. Within an hour they had remedied the problem.

Once the desired parameters are applied, you can quit IPNetTuner. IPNetTuner simply changes the internal settings within the Windows Registry. These settings remain in effect until you make additional changes or reset these settings.

Additionally, you can save your settings in "IPNetTuner" documents. This makes it easy to distribute settings throughout an organization (or publish settings for specific setups or Internet services).