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IPNetRouter Configuration Application

Our IPNetRouter Configuration Application is designed to simplify IPNetRouter setup for basic Internet configurations. This includes PPP, cable modem, and DSL/ADSL Internet connections (with or without PPPoE).

After running the application, and following the directions provided, each client machine on your local area network (LAN) should be able to access the Internet throught the machine running IPNetRouter (gateway machine).


Here is how it works:

1. You run the IPNetRouter Configuration Application and click the first button circled in Red. This transmits port information to our server and takes your browser to a web page customized for your configuration.

2. We ask you a few questions about your Internet connection. We also ask how your client machines are connected to the machine running IPNetRouter (your gateway machine). Depending upon your entries, we will present you with you a few more easy to answer options.

3. Our server builds a custom IPNetRouter configuration file developed specifically for your network. This file is automatically downloaded to your machine.

4. You check and/or modify your active TCP/IP control panel settings.

5. You launch IPNetRouter from the custom configured file which has been downloaded to your machine.

That's it. This entire process is automated and typically takes about 5 minutes to complete.

What is required:

  • IPNetRouter must be installed (but not running). This can be either the regular or Faceless Background (FBA) version*.
  • An active Internet connection.
  • A running browser (either Netscape Navigator/Communicator or Internet Explorer).

*IF you have installed the FBA version of IPNetRouter, launching the Configuration Application will automaticaly quit it. The FBA will restart after you click the IPNetRouter icon button in the Configuration Application. It will also load the "Router Config" settings file which is contained within in your Preferences Folder.

What you need to do:

Download and install the IPNetRouter Configuration Application on the machine on which you will be running IPNetRouter. We recommend that you install this application in the same folder as IPNetRouter (but you do not have to install it in the same folder).

Run the Configuration Application. You should see a screen similar to the following:

Click the button circled in red and follow the directions as presented in your browser. This should do it!

Other features of Configuration Application:

1. Modify your existing IPNetRouter configuration documents (advanced users).

Launch the Configuration Application while holding down the "Option" key.

Assuming you have already created an IPNetRouter configuration document (and this document resides in either the same folder as the configuration application or in your Preferences folder), you can easily transmit this document to our server for additional modification by clicking the upload document button:

Just click on this button to upload your existing IPNetRouter configuration document. If you have several such documents, you will first be presented with the standard Open File dialog box to choose the file you wish to upload and modify.

Once the file is uploaded, you will be presented with a page which allows you to manually add other interfaces, functions, port maps, and filters. You can then automatically download the modified file to your machine.

2. Enter your IPNetRouter Registration.

First you need to purchase a registration code from our online registration server. Once this is done, you can register either the normal IPNetRouter application or the Faceless Background version through the Configuration application.

Just expose the edit box using the small arrow button. Copy and paste your IPNetRouter hash key into this edit box. Click the OK button. That will do it.

(hash key shown above is only for illustration purposes and will not actually register the application)

Note: The IPNetRouter Configuration Utility requires incoming TCP connections on Port 4670. You may have to inform your Network Administrator of this fact if you are attempting to use this utility from behind another firewall or NAT router. For most users, this will not be an issue.


If this is the first time you have configured IPNetRouter, please enter your contact information and tell us how you found out about us.

Providing us with this information gives you the opportunity to receive prompt technical support should you need it through our web support form.

Note: All email addresses are kept confidential and are only for internal use by Sustainable Softworks.


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