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I have recently been using IPNetRouter from Sustainable Softworks <http://www.sustworks.com/> as my firewall. It runs on a Macintosh (any old Mac will do just fine). It has a beautiful interface and runs without a hitch in the background....Price $89.00 - it's a steal.
-Tim Rand

I recently bought IPNetRouter... It was awesome. The best online software buying experience I've ever had. He even automatically applied his educational discount because my domain name ended in ".edu"....I'm a supremely satisfied and devoted customer. IPNetRouter with masquerading is working great for me with my little LAN at home and one phone line. Totally excellent.
-John Norstad

IPNetRouter is a very cool product. I'm starting a company with a friend and while we were setting up my home LAN I realized I needed IP Masquerading to connect my Mac, Windows PC and Linux box to the 'Net. I happened to have the Mac dialed up at the time so I looked for a Mac solution first. We found a couple of very expensive products and then came across IPNetRouter which we downloaded and tried without looking at the price. A few minutes later (thanks to the *excellent*setup instructions) the entire LAN could see the Internet. "So how much is this one", Ed asks. "Um, I dunno", I replied. We fully expected it to be in the same $500 to $800 range the other products had been. I pulled up the web site, saw the $89 price and smiled. "Well that's a tough call", Ed said. "Let's get the one that's a tenth the price and actually works", I replied. So we did.
-Perry Clark

Putting my money where my mouth is, I just registered my trial copy. I love the product; it's simple, effective, lightweight, and affordable.
-Jerry Kindall

I got a cable modem two weeks ago. I downloaded IPNR last week and it languished on my HD for a bit. I buckled down tonight to learn how to set it up, I had it going in ** minutes **. The manual section "so you want to share your cable modem"... exactly what the doctor ordered.
Thanks for a great product, it says what it does, it does what it says!!
- Rob Barris

Your software is very good and solid. I was able with 2 macs in 20 minutes do what others could not do with NT for days with other router packages. I am also an owner or your IP tool which is another great tool...
- John Sluder

I just wanted to let you know that your IPNetRouter software is letting this self-taught network administrator perform amazing networking feats here at our small company. Your online documentation and how-to guides are particularly helpful. In combination with ASIP, we now have IP-based, cross-platform file sharing on our local network, while offering web hosting to the outside world, and file sharing over IP to our off-site contractors. All that, I might add, from a single server, an old PowerMac 7600.
Keep up the good work!