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To install the application, simply copy it to your hard drive.

Click on the question mark in the lower left corner of the tuner window for basic operating instructions. For further details, see the "Documentation and Examples" link.

For more information on how TCP/IP works and TCP tuning parameters, we suggest : "TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1" by W. Richard Stevens; and "Tips for TCP/IP monitoring and tuning to make your network sing", by Adrian Cockcroft. The latter reference is directed towards Sun Solaris networking and is very similar to Open Transport since both are based on Mentat Portable Streams and Mentat/TCP.

IPNetTuner "settings documents" are text files you can easily edit. The OTTCPSlowLinkTuneup file, included as an example, performs the same function as the "OTTCPSlowLinkTuneup" patch that was distributed a while back. Any parameters not in the file are set to their default values.