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Release Notes

March 29, 2002 (1.5.1)

Fixed bug with ARP table which may have overwritten the table causing IPNetTuner to crash. This could happen in situations where the Macintosh running IPNetTuner was connected to a private LAN with several hundred machines attached.

Fixed bug with the Local Target popup menu.

February 20, 2002 (1.5)

Added Link Rate and TCP Test tools to application. Provides graphing function of these tests which can immediately display changes in individual OT settings.

Release as version 1.5, PPC only.

March 12, 2001 (1.4)

Release as version 1.4

February 16, 2001 (1.4c2)

Set WindowsLib to "Import Weak" so IPNetTuner will run on Mac OS 8.1 (PPC) and earlier.

January 5, 2001 (1.4c1)

Convert to CodeWarrior 6.

Rename application as "IPNetTuner".

September 21, 2000 (1.3.7)

Fixed bug in displaying current parameter after pressing Update.

August 31, 2000 (1.3.6)

Added support for Read Only report parameters: arp_cache_report; ip_ill_status (lower layer physical interface); ip_ipif_status (ip logical interface); ip_ire_hash (routing table); ip_ire_status (internet routing entry); tcp_status; udp_status.

Expanded help text for "Unknown parameter name ignored". Display value as zero.

Update postal address and copyright information (1.3.5).

April 28, 2000 (1.3.4)

Add support for tcp_recv_hiwater_def.

Add support for tcp_xmit_hiwater_def.

Expanded description of ip_pmtu_strategy.

January 21, 2000 (1.3.3)

Add support for ip_forwarding.

Add support for ip_forward_src_routed.

December 31, 1999 (1.3.2)

Add support for ip_pmtu_strategy under MacOS 9.

Add support for ip_ire_pathmtu_interval.

Update defaults to match MacOS 9.

October 26, 1999 (1.3.1)

Add support for tcp_fin_wait_2_timeout under MacOS 9.

June 28, 1999 (1.3)

Updated to CodeWarrior Pro 4.

Released as version 1.3

February 19, 1999 (1.3c3)

Changed to open a regular TCP endpoint to make sure OT is fully initialized.

February 8, 1999 (1.3c1)

Added support for setting Interface MTU in IP module.

Added support for "ip_forward_directed_broadcasts", "ip_respond_to_echo_broadcast", "ip_send_source_quench", "udp_smallest_anon_port".

Only allow one document to be open at a time.

The list of settable parameters is built from the 'OTip' resource. Any "Named Dispatch" parameter for TCP, UDP, or IP can be added by editing the 'OTip' resource.

January 29, 1999 (1.2.5)

Convert to CW Pro 3.

Changed to use raw stream instead of OT Endpoint.

July 14, 1998 (1.2.4)

Improved Alert text to help explain OT errors.

April 8, 1998 (1.2.3)

Moved registration commands from Edit menu to About Box.

Improve the way threads abort.

Patch small leak.

December 1, 1997 (1.2.2)

Changed "sleep time" to reduce CPU utilization.

Fixed startup bug in 68K code.

November 2, 1997 (1.2)

Improved error checking.

Fixed bug when setting new parameters in older versions of Open Transport.

Bar control now adjusts scale factor automatically.

September 20, 1997 (1.2c1)

Fixed a bug that didn't properly skip long comment lines in saved settings files.

Converted to CodeWarrior Pro using MSL.

July 24, 1997 (1.1)

Added support for the following TCP/IP parameters:

  • tcp_ip_ttl
  • tcp_naglim_def
  • tcp_syn_rcvd_max
  • tcp_wroff_xtra

July 7, 1997 (1.0)

Released as V1.0

June 2, 1997 (0.6)

The "Make Active" button now updates all parameters to reflect the settings in the corresponding tuner document.

Added a "Use Defaults" button to make it easy to restore the default settings.

File->Print now prints a listing of the parameter settings in a tuner document.

Added error checking to detect and display any invalid parameters encountered during updates.

The window title now includes the name of the program as well as the document.

The About box is displayed as a "splash screen" to identify the application while it starts up.


May 22, 1997 (0.5)

Fixed bug in Parameter Popup menu when more than one Tuner window is open.


May 16, 1997 (0.4)

Include template for editing 'OTip' (OT internal parameter) resource.

Enable "WWW Registration Page" menu item.

Include Read Me, License Agreement, Release Notes, and Register application.


May 15, 1997 (0.3)

Created a FAT version (PPC and 68K).

Improved text descriptions of several parameters.


May 14, 1997 (0.2)

Allow Tuner Settings files to work from the Startup Items folder during the trial period.

Remove unused code from IPNetMonitor. Minor text changes.


May 13, 1997 (0.1)

First published version (PPC only).