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"Open Transport optimization is a black art, so the included configurations help get you started, and the real-time performance graphs provide the feedback you need to see if your changes are useful."

—Adam C. Engst, TidBITS, February 25, 2002


IPNetTuner is a simple application that allows you to optimize your Mac's Internet performance. IPNetTuner supports over 30 adjustable parameters including the TCP Window Size, Time Out intervals, Maximum Segment Size, and MTU. It also provides a convenient test tool so that you can immediately see the results after adjusting specific parameters (or opening one of our preconfigured tune up documents). Users typically report speed increases of between 10 - 50% using IPNetTuner.

Why might you need IPNetTuner? Open Transport's default settings must enable connections for both slow analog modems as well as very high-speed ethernet connections. As such, these default settings are not optimized for either type of connection (although they do let both types of connections to work). To get the most out of a specific type of connection you really want to setup Open Transport so that its internal settings best match that of your network connection. This is where IPNetTuner comes assist you in tweaking these Open Transport settings.

Actual tuning example for cable modem connection. Graph shows throughput downloading a 45 KByte page from Lower values are without tuning (~110 KB/s) , upper values are with tuning (~175 KB/s). Tuning results in approx 60% increase in throughput.

We even assist you with this by supplying you some pre-configured IPNetTuner documents for both slow and high-speed network connections. All you need to do is double click the appropriate document and Open Transport is automatically configured for your chosen network connection type. That easy.

Once the desired parameters are set, you can quit IPNetTuner. IPNetTuner simply changes the internal settings within Open Transport. These settings remain in effect until you either restart the machine or make new changes to these settings.

Additionally, IPNetTuner documents can be saved as an "Auto Configure" document. You can simply double click such a document or put it in your Startup Items folder and IPNetTuner will launch, load the saved settings, configure Open Transport, and then automatically quit.