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Registration FAQs


Why should I register my software?

We're a commercial software company, not altruistic Mac hobbyists writing software in our spare time. By registering and paying for your software, you help to ensure that Mac-only developers like us can continue to "think different" and provide you, the Mac enthusiast, the best software that we can create.

When you register, you ensure that you will receive priority one-on-one technical support directly from us, the developers. Few other companies can say that.

Besides, it's the right thing to do.


How do I register your software?

Once you have downloaded the application, there are 2 basic ways to register:

  1. Register online by selecting "WWW Registration Page" in the About Box of the Application. You need to have a web browser running and a valid credit card. The URL is: This server will automatically return your registration key within minutes.

  2. For site license registrations, we can fax your company a proforma invoice. Please ">contact us at for site licenses.

In each case, a program registration code that unlocks the software will be sent to you by email once your payment is received. To enter this registration code press the "Register" button that appears in the software's Startup Dialog Box, or press "Edit Registration" from the application's About Box.

About our Software Registration Process

When you register any of our products, a unique registration key is generated based on the name, organization, and number of copies information which you provide. To unlock the trial expiration of our software, we ask that you enter this information into the registration dialog box of the program.

When you enter this information in the application, we validate the registration key checksum. In addition, the application may contact one of our servers for the sole purpose of verifying the validity of the registration key entered. Once your registration is confirmed, absolutely no further communication with our server is attempted.

We have chosen this step in response to widespread publishing of unauthorized registration keys. We believe the customer impact to be small and welcome your feedback on how we might improve our products and service.


I registered but haven't received my registration key yet. What should I do?

Email is not perfect! If you haven't received your registration key within a few days, please ">contact us at .

Make sure you have supplied a valid email address. Believe it or not, we get registrations every week from people whose supplied email address doesn't work (mistyped address, mailbox is full, server will not relay, message could not be delivered after 5 days, etc...). If you have already sent us email twice and still haven't received a response, this probably means that something is wrong with your email service. Please make sure your email is working. Also, please include your phone number, postal address, or another way we can reach you.


Is online registration secure?

We believe the most convenient and secure way to purchase our software is to use the online registration server and a credit card. Quicomm uses a Secure Sockets Layer connection (verify the unbroken key in the lower left corner of your browser window). Your credit card information is fully encrypted and quite safe. To the best of our knowledge, no one has yet had their credit card information compromised using this system.

In general, purchasing anything in a department store with a credit card is risky. At a supermarket its relatively easy to obtain card data from a receipt. No special skills are required to obtain this information. On the Internet, credit card data is generally more difficult to obtain.

Technical knowledge on how to recover information from web transactions and secure servers is required to get credit card information from Internet credit card transactions. However, since many more credit card numbers can be obtained if a criminal manages to find a way to get access to credit card information at a web site, there is some cause for concern.

Thanks to the foresight of consumer advocates and the US Congress, the holder of credit cards are not usually liable for any losses above $50 due to credit card forgery. This applies only to cards issued by American banking and credit institutions in the United States. It is likely not true if your credit is held or card issued outside of the United States. However, since American card issuers are liable for all losses above $50 US, credit card companies have taken quite an interest in making sure that there is a little fraud as possible, especially on the Internet.

If your are uncomfortable using a credit card and the web to purchase our software, you can always use to register via mail using a variety of purchasing methods.

Will I get more junk mail as a result of registering?

We hate SPAM (UCE) as much as you do (we get dozens of these messages every week). We have never given email addresses to third-party advertisers. We might inquire about your satisfaction with the product although we don't make a habit of it. Our Privacy Policy page contains more specific info.

Some registered users have asked why we don't notify them of software updates. If you want to be notified when updates occur, please subscribe to our NetAnnounce mailing list.


My registration key doesn't work, what should I do?

First, it may help to realize that the key is actually a checksum of the "Name", "Organization", and "Number of copies" lines above. You must enter each line exactly as it appears for the key to be accepted.

Next, make sure you have registered the product you intended. A key for IPNetMonitor will not be accepted by IPNetRouter for example. If you discover you have registered the wrong product, we'll be happy to arrange credit toward the product you wished to register.

IPNetRouter 1.5 and later does not require that you enter a date in the date field if your key was purchased before 1.5 shipped.

If your key still isn't accepted, please ">email us at .


I've lost my registration. Help!

Need your registration info? We would like the following information to help process your request:

  • Approximate Registration Date.
  • Your email address under which the registration was made.
  • How registration was made (Quicomm or Kagi).

Send this information to us at . We will search our records and reply to your request. We recommend that you keep a printed copy of your registration info for your records.

Thanks for your support,

Peter Sichel
Sustainable Softworks