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Application Note 1001

Setting Up IPNetSentryX to be used as a Simple Personal Firewall

Follow these simple instructions in order to use IPNetSentryX as a personal firewall:

1. Download and install the IPNetSentryX application. The download should automatically decompress, mount as a Read Only disk image, and copy to your hard drive.

2. Open the document "QuickStart.nsy" in the IPNetSentryX folder. Because this is the first time the application has been run on this machine, you need to authorize the application by entering your Administrative password.

3. That's it. The IPNetSentryX personal firewall is now protecting your Macintosh.

4. In order to automatically have IPNetSentryX protect your machine at startup, add the QuickStart.nsy document to your list of "Login Items" (through the Login Items Preferences Panel).

See "IPNetSentryX Help" under the help menu to learn more about IPNetSentryX.

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