Welcome to our Support Center. We understand that you may have questions about our products and how to use them. We're here to help and want to answer your questions as efficiently as possible.

Since we're a small company that offers sophisticated yet very affordable products, we appreciate your consideration in helping our limited support resources work for everyone.

Here is a quick overview of Sustainable Softworks support resources:

  1. Built-in Help
    Each of our products comes with built-in help, a Read Me file, and release notes. Help is available under the standard Help menu. There is often a context specific help button and many controls have tool tips that appear when you hover over them. The Read Me file included with the software covers basic installation, removal, and registration issues. The release notes also contain important information.

  2. Sustworks Website
    Our next line of support is the Sustainable Softworks website. Our site replicates the built-in help and often provides additional instructions and examples of how to use our products. Some of our popular products have a User Forum for sharing information and getting help to answer your questions. This is a great place to share observations or suggest new features.

    To avoid SPAM, you must register using your Name and Email address before you will be allowed to post new topics or responses in a User Forum. This information will not be used for any other purpose than managing the forum. You do not need to register to read or search in the forums. The forums were created in May of 2010, and are checked regularly, but are only as good as the feedback you offer.

  3. Registration Help
    If you need registration support (lost registration, etc.) please send email to our admin address. For lost and problem registrations, the more info you can provide, the better. To speed up registration info requests, please tell us:

    • Which product you have registered.
    • Approximate Registration Date.
    • Email address under which the registration was made.
    • How registration was made (e.g., online or Kagi).
    • The Registration info you are trying to use, if you have already received registration keys, etc., from us but it's not working.

  4. Direct Email

  5. Phone Support Policy
    At staff discretion, we may arrange telephone support on an as needed basis.

    Since phone support can be time intensive and expensive, we ask that you to try to use the other resources first and consider phone support when our previous Email exchange indicates it would be efficient and mutually beneficial.  Thank you for your understanding.