Sustainable Softworks is an award winning Macintosh software developer inspired by building tools to make technology more accessible and improve the Mac user experience.

The company was founded in January of 1996 by Peter Sichel to build a software IP router for the Mac.

As a long time Macintosh fan and developer, Sustainable Softworks is proud to offer creative Mac oriented solutions.


Sustainable Softworks develops and publishes software for Mac OS X. Specializing in networking and communications, we have proudly served the Macintosh community since 1996.

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Introducing Phone Amego

Phone Amego is the easy way to integrate your phones with your Mac based workflow. The missing Mac telephony bridge.


IPNetMonitorX is a network troubleshooting toolkit for Mac OS X. Combining an intuitive Macintosh user interface with deep Mac OS X knowledge, IPNetMonitorX provides essential problem solving details from a single convenient application.

Legacy System Extension warning: Apple is deprecating NKEs (Network Kernel Extensions) so you may see a warning to this effect after upgrading to macOS 10.15.4 (Catalina). I expect to address this in a coming update to IPNetMonitorX.


Keyclick is a Mac OS X preference pane that provides adjustable audio feedback for keystrokes, mouse clicks, scroll wheel movement, and trackpad gestures. Using Keyclick can improve the perception of keyboard responsiveness or fill in the missing audio feedback when using tap-to-click or two finger scrolling on trackpad equipped computers.

Love the keyboard you already own.

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