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Sustworks Continued Care Plan

Only $24.95 for 12 months of Priority Support

Sustainable Softworks has earned a reputation in the industry for outstanding customer support, especially when it comes to Macintosh networking.

In order to maintain this extraordinary level of support, the company has created Continued Care, an optional subscription support plan for users who have owned a registered product for more than one year.

Why might you consider Continued Care? Here a few good reasons:

  • Your IPNetRouter installation is mission critical. It has been working for years. But out of the blue, wham! -- your ISP has changed some parameters and now nothing works. You need expert help, and you need it fast.
  • Priority Support -- your Continued Care ID number automatically puts you at the top of the support queue.
  • Even though we are actively working to move our products to Mac OS X, we know that many of you will continue to use earlier versions of our software. Through Continued Care, you can ensure that you will receive top-level support
  • You want to try Mac OS X Internet sharing. We now offer IPNetShareX, a simple, entry-level Internet sharing application for Mac OS X. Your Continued Care subscription gives you access to our support team for help with setting up IPNetShareX should you need it.
  • You simply like the way Sustworks does business and find value in our product offerings. Basically, you want to see us keep doing the same (and better!) with Mac OS X.

Your support of Sustworks with the Continued Care program is more than just a purchase. It is YOUR vote that proves Mac customers are the most loyal, the most innovative, and the most productive computer users in the world.

Current purchasers of Sustworks products will receive with their paid registration one year of technical support, offered through the Sustworks web site. For a low annual cost of $24.95, Sustworks customers can ensure continued access to this same high-quality technical support.

In addition, all customers who enroll in the Continued Care program for any Sustworks product will receive a bonus of free technical support for IPNetShareX, our entry-level Internet sharing software for MacOS X, for one year as well.

The Continued Care program includes:

  • One year of additional technical support for Sustworks products
  • Technical support for all registered Sustworks products for one low price
  • Easy-to-use, 24/7/365 web-based reporting service at
  • Email technical support
  • Telephone support (upon prior arrangement)

Please keep in mind that when you purchase Sustainable Softwork’s Continued Care and need help, you're in direct contact with the developers of the software, people who know the products from the inside and out. You can’t find more knowledgeable support anywhere, especially when it comes to the complexities of Macintosh networking.

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