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Welcome to our Support Center. We understand that you may have questions about our products and how to use them to solve your networking problems. We're here to help and want to answer your questions as efficiently as possible.

TCP/IP networking is a vast and complex subject. Since we're a small company that offers sophisticated yet very affordable products, we appreciate your consideration in helping our limited support resources work for everyone.

Here is a quick overview of Sustainable Softworks support resources:

1 Each of our products comes with built-in help, a Read Me, and release notes.

There's a help button: in the lower left corner of each Classic window that displays text explaining the controls and features of that window. For Mac OS X, help is available under the standard Help menu. The Read Me file included with the software covers basic installation, removal, and registration issues. The release notes also contain important information.

2 Our next line of support is the Sustainable Softworks website. Our site provides extensive instructions and examples of how to use our products. For example, the IPNetrouter troubleshooting tips, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contain much useful information for that particular product. Popular links to each of our product areas are listed in the left hand margin of the Support Center page.

You can also search for web pages containing terms that you require help with. Use the top right "Search" box to search our site and NetTalk archives for answers to any questions or concerns you might have.

3 If you need registration support (lost registration, etc.) please send email to . For lost and problem registrations, the more info you can provide, the better. To speed up registration info requests, please tell us:
  • Which product you have registered.
  • Approximate Registration Date.
  • Email address under which the registration was made.
  • How registration was made (e.g., online or Kagi).
  • The Registration info you are trying to use, if you have already received registration keys, etc., from us but it's not working.

4 If you need further product support, use our web-based support forms. The support forms are designed to help you submit the information we need to understand your setup.

Use the Technical Support Form for detailed technical support and the Information Request/Feedback form for more general product questions. Another good resource is our NetTalk list server and archives.

If your product registration is more than one year old and you need technical support from us, please subscribe to our Continued Care program. This $24.95 annual subscription program allows us to continue to offer the same high-quality, responsive tech support that you’ve come to expect from us. In addition, your Continued Care subscription ID puts you at the top of the support queue. For more information, please click here.

Please keep in mind that when you purchase Sustainable Softwork’s Continued Care and need help, you're in direct contact with the developers of the software, people who know the products from the inside and out. You can’t find more knowledgeable support anywhere, especially when it comes to the complexities of Macintosh networking.

Looking for information about Mac OS X? Please read our Mac OS X status page.

5 Sustainable Softworks hosts the NetTalk mailing list. If your networking question or observation is likely to be of interest to other users, this is a good forum to post in. We monitor the list and frequently answer questions ourselves. Often, users who have more experience in a particular area than we do will respond. You can search the NetTalk list with keywords in the top right search box. If you're new to networking, this is a good place to learn a lot quickly while exploring the boundaries of networking on Macs.

As a courtesy to list participants, please check that your question is not already answered in the archives before posting to NetTalk. The list archives contain quite a bit of information. There have recently been informative discussions about performance, networking configuration, Ethernet cards, hubs, PPPoE, ASIP, networking software of every size, shape, and color, firewall configurations, LocalTalk, 6100s, port mapping, IP filtering, Windows VPN, DSL service providers, and just about anything else you can imagine having to do with networking. Search the archives for your topic before posting please.

To subscribe to the NetTalk List:

Visit the list information page here:

Posting a Question to the Nettalk List

Once you have received a confirmation reply mail from the NetTalk list server, you can post a message to .

6 Phone Support Policy. At staff discretion, we may arrange telephone support if we deem it appropriate to a particular support case. Phone support is time-intensive and expensive. Typically, phone support will only be offered if we think all other avenues of support have been exhausted. We ask you to respect our wishes in this regard; we are usually busy trying to improve our company and its products and/or working with customer support issues submitted to us via the web. (In the time it takes to handle a typical support call, we can usually help 5-10 users via our web support interface.) Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We hope you find these pages useful and look forward to getting your network up and running the way you wanted as quickly as possible.

Please forward your comments or suggestions about this web site to


Sustworks Continued Care

After your first year of ownership, you can protect your investment by signing up for our Continued Care Plan.

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