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Release Notes

1.0c5 (1-Jun-2005)
• Fix load_install script to work properly on Tiger.

1.0c4 (18-Aug-2004)
• Look for registration data in clipboard so user does not need to paste.
• update help to use web browser.

1.0c3 (15-May-2003)
• Fix bug in accessing System Configuration framework.

IPNetShareX 1.0c2 (23-Sep-2002)

• Fixed remember settings between launches.
• Fixed load on startup under OSX 10.2 .

IPNetShareX 1.0c1 ( 01-Jul-2002)

  • Fixed bug that caused Internet access to fail in Single Ethernet configurations.
  • Split product into two versions: (1) IPNetShareX for personal, educational, or non-profit use without technical support; (2) IPNetShareX Pro for technical support and unrestricted use.
  • Added 21-day trial period and registration mechanism. IPNetShareX can be registered at no charge for personal, educational, or non-profit use. IPNetShareX Pro can be registered for US$25.

IPNetShareX 1.0b3 ( 18-Feb-2002)

  • Get user friendly interface names using SystemConfiguration framework.
  • Set Dynamic IP Binding option based on external interface selected.
  • Reconfigure natd automatically when PPP connects to get new IP address.
  • Update Setup to use consistent interface names and mention name servers.


IPNetShareX 1.0b2 (17-Dec-2001)

  • Fixed crash when starting Local Caching Name Server.

IPNetShareX 1.0b1 (3-Dec-2001)

  • Renamed application "IPNetShareX".
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause Internet Sharing to not start up properly
  • Fixed bug that prevented Local Caching Name Server from starting up
  • Updated Setup to clarify when Single Ethernet configurations are supported.

Beta 9 (20-Nov-2001)

  • Rewrote Interface Checker to avoid crashes for unexpected serial devices.
  • Sort external and internal interface popups consistently.
  • Fixed bug in adding or removing an IP alias.
  • Improved error checking
  • Made starting and stoping Internet sharing more reliable (but it still fails to restart correctly after being stopped sometimes).
  • Updated setup instructions.
  • Local Caching Name Server (using unix "named") is broken under 10.1

Beta 7 (7-Nov-2001)

  • Fixed bug that caused gNAT to hang if an AirPort card was detected.
  • Always show ppp0 in the list of external interfaces even if no modem is detected.
  • Fixed bug in toggling "Load on Startup"
  • Using a single Ethernet for both the internal and external network doesn't work yet.
  • Local Caching Name Server (using unix "named") is still broken under 10.1

Beta 6 (26-Oct-2001)

  • Verify PPPoE support and correct external interface to use ppp0.
  • Local Caching Name Server (using unix "named") is still broken under 10.1
  • Update Read Me, Setup, and Release Notes included in distribution image

Beta 5 (24-Oct-2001)

  • Fix support for PPPoE in 10.1 .
    Use ppp driver instead of pppoe0 which no longer exists.

Beta 4 (22-Oct-2001)

  • Transfer to Sustainble Softworks.
  • Register and add unique application signature ('gNAT')
  • Include Ben's fixes for Mac OS X 10.1
  • Change identification strings

Beta 3

  • Added Preference saving.
    -- gNAT now saves its preferences using the defaults system. All preferences are located in
  • Fixed bug that makes the modem not show up.
    -- Your modem should show up now. In fact, because of Apple's way
    of loading KEXTs, a modem may even show up if you don't have one.

Known Issues

  • DHCP and Single NIC issue
    -- When using a Single NIC configuration and DHCP, the external IP address gets overwritten by the internal IP. since it is static and the external one is dynamically assigned by your DHCP server. This is just a conflict between the way BSD does aliasing and the way OS X implements DHCP. We are looking into a workaround.
  • PPP and gNAT problems
    -- When using PPP and gNAT some users have reported being
    unable to access the outside world after stopping internet sharing,
    with the only way to reactivate their connection is restarting internet
    sharing. This may stem from several things, including the OS X NAT implementation and/or my implementation of it. We are continuing to
    look into this problem.
  • No error checking on router address and subnet mask fields.
    -- At this time, we don't check to make sure the user enters their router address and subnet mask as a valid IPs. We plan to add this at some point but until then, don't put any non-numeric characters into the fields or put more than 3 characters into each field.

Version History
[1.0b6] -- Verify PPPoE support and correct external interface to use ppp0.
[1.0b5] -- Fix support for PPPoE in 10.1
[1.0b4] &endash; Transfer to Sustainable Softworks.
[1.0b3] -- Modem support, Preference saving.
[1.0b2] -- Single NIC support, PPPoE support, load on startup enabled, local name server feature added.
[1.0b1] -- Initial release.

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