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IPNetSentryX Frequently Asked Questions

Does IPNetSentryX need to be running for the firewall to be active?

Yes, the application must be running to handle logging and event notification. No windows need be open however.

How do I make IPNetSentryX firewall rules load automatically at startup?

You can designate an IPNetSentryX settings document containing your firewall rules as a login item in the Accounts Preferences Panel. Make sure the Firewall Enabled setting was selected when you saved the document.

Once you are comfortable IPNetSentryX is working as desired, you can configure it to launch as a Mac OS X startup item outside the context of any user login. To do this drag the "" startup item in /Library/Application Support/IPNetSentryX/HelperTools to /Library/StartupItems.

You can launch IPNetSentryX from the Finder and select "Tool->Expert View" to see the currently running firewall status. If you encounter difficulty, you can restart while pressing the Shift key to prevent startup items from loading and then remove IPNetSentryX_startup from the /Library/StartupItems folder.

To install a newer version as a startup item, you can follow these steps:

  1. Stop the previous startup item if running by killing the corresponding process.
    Drag the old startup item out of your /Library/StartupItems folder.
  2. Force IPNetSentryX to create a new startup item by removing /Library/Application Support/IPNetSentryX/HelperTools.
  3. Mount the new .dmg
  4. Copy the app to your hard drive.
  5. Run the app to complete the installation and verify it is working.
  6. Drag the new startup item in /Library/Application Support/IPNetSentryX/HelperTools to /Library/StartupItems.
  7. Restart your system, OR launch the app from the command line as: /Library/StartupItems/

If you move the IPNetSentryX application on your hard drive, the IPNetSentryX_startup item may no longer find it. In this case you can generate a new startup item by removing /Library/Application Support/IPNetSentryX/HelperTools.

When launched as a startup item, IPNetSentryX will use the settings stored in the default location: /Library/Preferences/IPNetSentryX/com.sustworks.IPNetSentry.nsy

How can I see which hosts have been banned (triggered)?

You can view these under the "Triggered" tab or in the firewall log. You can clear the triggered address table by selecting and deleting entries under Triggered tab, or by pressing Option-Apply to reload the firewall rules.

What should I do if Email notification isn't working?

Email notification uses Mac OS X's built-in message framework. This means you must configure your Email settings under the Email tab in the Internet Preferences Pane or by using Apple's

How can I save the firewall log to a file?

Logged text is normally buffered in memory to avoid frequent disk access. Use the Preferences window to specify what should be done when the log buffer becomes full. Options include save to disk or send as Email.

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