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IPNetRouter is the simple, low-cost way to share your cable modem, xDSL, or dial-up internet connection with your entire LAN. With IPNetRouter, you can use multiple IP interfaces at the same time (such as Ethernet and OT/PPP for example), and specify additional routes for communicating with more than one IP gateway.

IPNetRouter is a complete IP router and firewall solution including a built-in DHCP Server, NAT with inbound port mapping, and IP filtering to setup your own firewall. Other features include support for PPPoE and Quicktime streaming. IPNetRouter's OT native design offers superior performance easily outperforming other low-cost hardware and software solutions.

IPNetRouter also directly functions as a DynDNS client. This means that you can run a Web/FTP/Video server and have remote users easily find your dynamically assigned IP address (no need for a more expensive static IP address). You just need to sign up for an account with The cost savings from this feature alone easily can pay for IPNetRouter in a couple of months!

Price: $89


System Requirements:

  • MacOS 7.5.3 and Open Transport 1.1.1 or later (OT 1.1.2 for 68k)
  • Macintosh PowerPC or 68030 or higher.
  • A Macintosh capable of connecting to the Internet using the TCP/IP protocol suite.






"The most well-known program to open up NAT on Macs is IPNetRouter from Sustainable Softworks. It was written by Peter Sichel, who seems to know more about Macintosh networking than anyone else outside Apple."

— Lee Larson, Louisville Computer News, January, 2001


I have recently been using IPNetRouter from Sustainable Softworks as my firewall. It runs on a Macintosh (any old Mac will do just fine). It has a beautiful interface and runs without a hitch in the background....Price $89.00 - it's a steal.

—Tim Rand, User


I recently bought IPNetRouter... It was awesome. The best online software buying experience I've ever had. He even automatically applied his educational discount because my domain name ended in ".edu"....I'm a supremely satisfied and devoted customer. IPNetRouter with masquerading is working great for me with my little LAN at home and one phone line. Totally excellent.

—John Norstad, User


Putting my money where my mouth is, I just registered my trial copy. I love the product; it's simple, effective, lightweight, and affordable.

—Jerry Kindal, Userl