I've enjoyed creating Phone Amego and tried to make it both powerful and easy to use in the spirit of the best Mac applications. With such a large number of phones and services to support, this has often been a collaborative experience. I hope you find Phone Amego useful and look forward to your comments and suggestions. You can Email me directly at psichel "at" sustworks "dot" com.

Do you know anybody who can use Phone Amego?
Sustainable Softworks is a small business that operates primarily through "word of mouth." If you know people who might be interested in Mac telephone integration, please tell them about Phone Amego -- just send them over to
Thanks for your support!

- Peter Sichel

Sustainable Softworks
13 Fieldside Drive
Cumberland, RI 02864

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Ask Peter - Phone Amego


Phone Amego uses several open source components with a BSD style license.

BLIP protocol for Caller ID sharing
Growl notification
• Parts of
ILCrashReporter for gathering crash logs
• Apple's RFCOMM_Open_SPP_Example sample code
• Apple's CAPlayThrough and QTKit Capture Session sample code
• Apple's SBSendEmail sample code
• Parts of
FVFinderLabel for getting and setting Finder label colors
Daylite Developer Kit from Market Circle for Daylite Integration
Sparkle for software update

All of these can be modified and/or distributed in binary or source form as long as the original copyrights remain intact. Thanks for letting me stand on your shoulders.