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While off-the-shelf USB modems can be used to dial calls and detect caller ID, they are not

designed for call monitoring or accounting. They do not report real time call status needed to

determine call duration, nor detect digits pressed and outbound calls dialed from the telephone

line itself. In addition, each USB modem must be located near a computer and can only monitor

a single phone line making them less practical for multi-line business applications.

To address these limitations, Phone Amego supports multi-line Caller ID and Call Monitoring

hardware made by CallerID.com. These devices attach directly to your Ethernet LAN and can

monitor up to 8 phone lines per unit. Additional call monitoring units can be added to support

more phone lines as needed.

ELConfig is a stand-alone tool used to initially configure Whozz Calling? multi-line caller ID

hardware for use with Phone Amego.

The Whozz Calling? hardware when shipped from the factory is initially configured with a

default IP address of "" and a default unit number of "1". In a typical installation,

the internal IP address of the call monitoring unit may need to be changed to an unused IP

address within the IP address range of the LAN where the device will be used. If more than one

unit is connected, each Whozz Calling? unit must be assigned a unique IP address and unit

number for use on the LAN.

In addition to this basic configuration, ELConfig allows you to test each unit to verify correct

operation and set other unit parameters and options. More information on the Whozz Calling?

Ethernet Link hardware is available in the Ethernet Link Supplement published by CallerID.com .

This implementation of ELConfig was created for Macintosh systems running Mac OS X 10.5 or

later by Sustainable Softworks in April of 2011. At the time of this writing, no other Macintosh

software is available to support these multi-line Caller ID and Call Monitoring devices.

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