Keyclick User's Guide

Keyclick Application (or Preference Panel)

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System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later (at this time)

Runs on either PPC or Intel (32/64 Universal Binary)

Install / Remove

To install the software, simply double-click on the Keyclick preference pane. As a System

Preference Panel, Mac OS X will ask you if you would like to add it to the System Preferences for

this user only, or all users of your system. If you are installing over a previous version, please

turn off Keyclick (and Scroll wheel click) in the preferences panel and press "Show All" or quit the

System Preferences application to stop the previous version of the Keyclick Server.

The first time you try to enable Keyclick, the software may ask you to "Enable access for

assistive devices" in Universal Access Preferences. In order for Keyclick to observe system wide

keyboard events, you must either enable such access, or if you prefer not to let other programs

observe keyboard events, you can Authenticate using an Administrator Password to authorize

just the Keyclick program.

To remove Keyclick, first turn off Keyclick in the preferences panel and press "Show All" or quit

the System Preferences application. This will stop the Keyclick Server and remove it as a login

item. Next find the program in ~/Library/PreferencePanes/Keyclick.prefPane or /Library/

PreferencePanes/Keyclick.prefPane and drag it to the trash. You may also find and remove the

preferences file at ~/Library/Preferences/com.sustworks.keyclick.plist or /Library/Preferences/

com.sustworks.keyclick.plist if desired.

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