Q: I'm a Mac Developer. Is there an easy way to integrate Phone Amego's caller ID and click-to-dial features with my own application?

A: Yes, Phone Amego uses Cocoa's NSDistributedNotificationCenter to notify other applications of call events, and registers a Distributed Objects service to handle dialing and hangup requests. Please send an Email describing your intentions and to request our PANotificationTest sample code.


PANotificationTest is a sample application that shows how to receive Phone Amego distributed notifications and control Phone Amego using Distributed Objects.  If the caller does not specify which phone to use, Phone Amego will use the currently selected telephone within the Phone Amego application for "dial", and will cancel any active calls for "hangup".

You can test the various notifications from the Phone Amego "AppleScripts" box under the Main tab by pressing the "Test" button with the corresponding AppleScript "event" selected.


Phone Amego also responds to the
GetURL AppleEvent.

Remote Control via HTTP (iOS Developers)

Phone Amego Pro includes a Local HTTP Server which can used to
dial connected phones remotely.