Salesforce integration using OpenCTI is currently under development. Without any Salesforce specific integration, you can always select a phone number that appears on your screen and dial it by pressing a Hot Key (Command-Shift-2), or clicking if PopClip is installed.

Beginning in 2012 Salesforce introduced OpenCTI, a Javascript API for 3rd party integration with Salesforce that is no longer Windows specific. Over the next several months, documentation and sample code have gradually rolled out.

To use OpenCTI, you must first specify a "Call Center Definition File". I have provided a basic Call Center Definition File here:

The Call Center Definition File must be loaded into your Salesforce environment and in turn provides a URL for a "softphone" or call control tool that will be displayed within an <iframe> on Salesforce pages. The initial version provides buttons for "CTI Off" and "CTI On". Turning CTI on will enable click-to-dial for phone number objects within Salesforce.

Salesforce CTI

To install this basic Call Center Definition File:

1. Download the Call Center Definition File from the link above.

2. Login to Salesforce.

3. Navigate to: Salesforce -> App Setup -> Customize -> Call Center -> Call Centers

4. Scroll down and press Continue.

5. Press "Import" to import a Call Center Definition File.

6. Press "Choose File" and select the definition file you downloaded previously.

As a security precaution, It may be desirable to transfer the softphone HTML file (phoneAmegoCTI.html) to be within your Salesforce domain and update the definition file accordingly. In fact, this will be necessary if you use Chrome as your web browser since it will not load insecure (HTTP) content into a secure (HTTPS) page.

Inbound Call Handling

For inbound call handling, Phone Amego needs to notify the softphone running inside your browser with caller ID and call state information. I am currently exploring a web sockets solution.

Please send comments or questions to psichel "at" sustworks "dot" com.