The basic steps to work with a Bluetooth phone are as follows:
(See Connect iPhone Video)

1. Enable Bluetooth on your phone (iPhone: Settings -> General -> Bluetooth, select "On")

2. Enable Bluetooth on your computer
(System Preferences -> Hardware -> Bluetooth,
select "On" and "Show Bluetooth status in menu bar").

3. From the Mac Bluetooth menu in the menu bar, select "Set up Bluetooth Device..."

4. Pair your phone with your computer. Generally this means:
  • Enabling Bluetooth on your phone (step 1 above)
  • Set your phone to be "discoverable" (iPhone: while the Bluetooth settings screen is visible, your phone is discoverable)
  • Telling your Mac to browse for Bluetooth devices and selecting your phone
  • Entering the confirmation code that appears on your Mac into your phone to confirm you want to establish a link between them.
  • That's it. Your devices are now paired.
Once the initial pairing is complete, the devices will remember each other
and establish communication automatically as needed.

5. In the Phone Amego window, press the "+" button at the bottom of the
Telephone Devices table to add your device.
Select the kind of device you want to add, and then press "Attach Device".
For a Bluetooth cell phone, you will then need to select the desired device
and service in the Bluetooth Service Browser that appears.
I recommend choosing the first "Handsfree Gateway" or "Serial Port" listed
(iPhone: choose the service named "Handsfree Gateway").
The Telephone Device status should change to "Connected and Ready". connectedAndReady
This may take up to 40 seconds depending on how your phone responds.

"On and In Range" means the Bluetooth stack has detected your phone is in range.
"Connected and Ready" means Phone Amego has successfully opened a
connection to the HandsFree Service on your phone.

6. When the phone rings or you tell Phone Amego to dial, a call status window should appear.
  • To close out the connection and start again you can:
  • Uncheck and then recheck "Enable Telephone Devices"
  • Select your device in the telephone devices table and press "-" to remove it. Then re-add it as described above.
  • Turn Bluetooth off and then back on.
  • Quit and then relaunch Phone Amego
If your phone does not appear to work, press Control+Phone Amego in the menu to see a log window that shows the AT commands being sent to your phone. Your phone should acknowledge one or more commands leading to a message that says [Phone initialization complete]. If you are an expert, you can test sending AT commands to the phone yourself to find the right ones and customize Phone Amego accordingly.

Click here for more information on customizing Phone Amego.